12 February 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 1

As the headline indicates already, I found another cute game/challenge, that I want to do on my blog this year. Followers who have been reading my blog for a longer time, might remember the music video challenge I started - but never finished.
I plan to do this again, a little different than in my first try and till the end, haha.

This challenge here, has questions that differ from challenges I've seen before.
The questions actually deserve a lot more than a one word answer and this is probably why I feel so motivated to do this. Since they are called "routes" the title for this series will be 25 ways of POKéMON - also since I don't plan to do these updates daily to prefend it from becoming boring to not only you but me too.

Route 1 What is your spirit Pokémon? Why?

350.gifSo two tests of the countless ones you can find out there said Milotic.
So I guess that might be a sign.
I'm pretty surprised that it was a water-type... but hey, I won't complain.
I never really thought about my spirit animal or Pokémon... or how you choose it, haha
Are there any kinds of criteria known to anyone?

Milotic is said to be the most beautiful Pokémon there is... not so sure if that is a characteristic we share. Probably not, meeep.
But it's also really fond of harmony and a tender creature. It's said to sooth the lonely and calm these who are about to fight.

I'm sure I'll be able to say more about the next questions.
This first one here, kind of overwhelmed me, haha

If you got inspired to join me in this challenge, I'd love to know and check out your answers.

Which Pokémon, do you think, would fit me? Which fits you?
Tell me in a comment below. 

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