17 February 2015

渋谷 ♡ into the night - TRUMPROOM

As much as anticipated seeing so many things in Tokyo and making my first experiences in this country in general, I was really thrilled to meet Catrin from Mutsuminism, a really cool and super fashionable blogger who was living in Tokyo during my stay.
After we returned from our trip to Osaka, we finally took the chance to meet up and enjoy Tokyo's nightlife.

When I was still in Germany I already read an article on her blog, introducing the TRUMPROOM in Shibuya, which I was keen to visit ever since. So after meeting up at Shibuya station with a couple of friends and new faces and after getting some food we spent the night laughing and chatting under chandeliers and mirrors.

with the pretty prince before we went to Shibuya (/∇\*)。o○♡
Being honest, this was the first time for me to go to a club generally - though I learned that you probably can't really compare a fancy Japanese club like this to the ones you can find in Berlin or Germany in general... Usually I don't like clubs and when I go out with friends you will rather find me in a bar or something similar because I enjoy to have a drink and just talk and generally spend a good time with friends a lot more, than dancing at a crowded place with too many shady people I don't know... but I have to say I really enjoyed the atmosphere there and am still amazed by the interior.

Since it was rather dark - obviously - I couldn't take a lot of really good photos of the location but if you want to get a better impression you should go and check out this article I found. Some of the photos are really great.

I'm absolutely the wrong person to ask for tips on where to go out in Tokyo, but if I had the chance to meet up with these funny and lovely people again like that - I'd definitely scream in joy and vote for the same club again.

I took some of Catrin's photos (the few without the yukulicious logo on them) so you should definitely go and check out her articles about the TRUMPROOM ( one | twothree ) and her blog, too.

On a sidenote I'm sorry that I didn't include a lot of information this time, but I'm sick with angina and I decided to concentrate this update on what the experience was like the most - fun.

What kind of going-out type are you - Do you enjoy clubs and bars?
Tell me in a comment below.

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