17 April 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 7

Route 7 List all of the Pokémon-related games you have played. Your favorite?

First of all, I'll share all the games I personally own to that day.

Pokémon Sapphire Edition  Pokémon Leaf Green Edition for Gameboy Advance.
Pokémon Diamond Edition Pokémon Platinum Edition  Pokémon Heart Gold Edition Pokémon White Edition Pokémon White II Edition for Nintendo DS.
Pokémon Y Edition Pokémon Omega Ruby Edition for Nintendo 3DS.

These are all games I own from the main series. Of course all of them brought a lot of joy to me, though I have to admit that I didn't got to play all of them till the end because I didn't have enough time... it's sad and I really want to catch up on that eventually.
Needless to say the newer the game gets the better the game comfort gets. At least that is how I feel.
The new games have a lot of super great features that never fail to amaze me, next to the graphics that improved so much over the years.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Team Blue  Pokémon Ranger for Nintendo DS.

During the years I got my hands on these two as well, though I have to admit that I didn't enjoy them even half as much as the main series. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon had its own charme and I played it long enough to actually evolve my main character into a Charizard but I eventually gave up playing it. Sadly, Pokémon Ranger wasn't my cup of tea at all.

Pokémon Fire Red Edition ◓ Pokémon Pearl Edition ◓ Pokémon Soul Silver Edition

My younger brother, that I used to play Pokémon with for years, eventually gave up on it a few years ago because he didn't like the new Pokémon and just couldn't befriend with them at all.
From time to time he thinks about getting a new Nintendo system though, because Ruby and Sapphire where the generation he started with as well and I can sense the itching in his fingers to revive his memories... however up until then, these three games were passed on to me but from time to time, he asks for my Nintendo to play some Pokémon Soul Silver again - he really loves this game.

Lastly, I got the free downloadable Pokémon Shuffle a few weeks ago and it's actually a really cute game - I only play it once a day though, because I'm always too lazy to wait for my tries to recharge.

I played and/or watched my friends play Pokémon Colloseum, Pokémon XD and Pokémon Channel on their Wii too, long before I got my own. Also, I remember all these years back, how we would pull out the Nintendo 64 and play Pokémon Stadium. Good old times, but I never owned any of these games my own and so I can't really include them here.

My favorite game should be among the main games. It's really hard to decide on a single one though, because they all had their good sides in stories and the likes. I really loved the new features in Y and Omega Ruby, next to the graphics but the old games have their charms too. 

As always, I can't really decide. But maybe you can.
What was your favorite Pokémon game so far?
Tell me in a comment below.

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