13 April 2015

sing, sweet nightingale ♡ makeup review

Disney's Cinderella {new movie, old plot} came into the theaters where I live pretty much a month ago and I'm dying to see the movie - honestly. 
I'm still sad that I couldn't watch Big Hero 6 when it was still playing and wait impatiently for its DVD to be released. So this time, I hopefully get myself into a cinema somewhere to enjoy this movie. I watched Disney's animation movie Cinderella from 1950 a billion times when I was a kid, so there is no way around this.
The special someone and I want to go to the cinema together this Friday but I'm afraid it will be out when the new movies come in on Thursday...

essence - one of my personal favorites when it comes to drug store makeup - released a LE to celebrate this movie, too.
However I just found out about this by chance, when I went to get some other necessities a couple of weeks ago. The display was already put away into the sales section - so maybe I was really late after all. I looked up, what they originally offered in this edition online though and mourn after the highlighter right now. It looked so super cute but they didn't have it anymore in the store. So instead, I got my hands on their eyeshadow palette and a glitter nail topper - because I love those.
All products are named after quotes from the {old} movie, which I think is absolutely adorable - but also confusing because some products have the same name, though their shades look a bit different.

The palette "it's more than I ever hoped for" [~€3.80] contains six different, shimmering shades: pearl, rose, lavender/plum, royal blue, dark blue {which looks black in my eyes} and gold. The palette comes with a two-headed applicator.
My favorite colors are 01, 02 and 06; actually the whole palette looks really harmonious and the shades play well together. I especially like the cute detail on the cover of the palette, which makes it even girlier.
Since my eyes have a blue/green color I'm very wary when it comes to blue eyeshadow - maybe I will try a look with it someday, though.
The eye shadow has a nice, soft texture and I like the feeling it leaves on the skin. The light shades however can't provide much coverage and the gold shade has a more champaigne-shade to it, than actually appearing golden. The difference between 1 and 2, and even the colors itself, are really hard to spot on my light skin and even 03 fades into a really light color when applied.
I absolutely love glittery toppers. They are a pain to get rid off later but look absolutely adorable and magical once applied. I don't even know why I like those so much, considering that my nails break easily and nail polish cracks within hours - when I'm lucky: days.
Still, I can't take my hands off these kind of products and added "the glass slipper" [~€2] to them, now.

Applying toppers with glitter particles is some kind of art on its own, if you ask me.
It's hard to spread it evenly, but I think the applicator and texture of essence nail polish usually makes it easier to get creative how you apply it. This topper comes not only with glitter particles to spread on your nail - the pure material has a gleaming effect, too. 
The texture of this particular one however is quite thick and creamy, which I like on the one hand but curse on the other, because it takes forever for thick layers to dry and I end up smudging it often because I just can't clear 2h of my day just because the nail polish I want to use is a diva.
one layer on the left; two layers on the right

No matter if plastered with particles and glitter or spread a bit more decent and randomly, I really like the effect this topper gives and I really enjoy using it, neverminding the small troubles that come with it.

Generally said I lik the nail polish more than the palette, probably also because I rarely use different shades of eye shadow. However the palette looks so cute, it just seduced me to buy it and maybe I can get myself to use it a bit in the future after all. 

It's been years since I did some kind of review, 
but I wanted to pick this category up again, and see how you like it.

I linked the products and talked a lot about essence today -
however,  this was not sponsored by them. 

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