15 May 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 10

Route 10 Favorite Gym Leader? Least Favorite?

I don't have a least favorite gym leader... there were some, who were a real challenge for me but this didn't make me dislike them enough to cap them "least favorite gym leader".
There are some gym leaders whose character I found interesting and good for the story and others who were just kind of there... there are some who get hyped by other Pokémon fans and again others who are nearly forgotten after you've beaten them, I decided to take this route today as reason to share my favorite gym leaders of each generation/region with you.

The first one is Erika from Kanto.
She's the fourth gym leader you challenge and her speciality are grass-type Pokémon.
The gym of Celadon City, where you can get the Rainbow Badge from her, is especially popular because only women and girls are allowed to work in it.
I think Erika is one of the cutest girls in Pokémon and I especially like her timid, graceful image of a girl that was raised in a traditional Japanese enviroment. She's wearing a kimono and described as a really calm and dreamy person that has the habit to randomly fall asleep or be too deep in her thoughts.

In Johto, my favorite is Falkner.
When I was a bit younger my favorite type of Pokémon was flight and I think it was kind of special to have him for your first badge with that rather unusual type.
The fight was a piece of cake because of how easily you could catch Mareep around Violet City, anyway. However I still like his blue hair and again - traditional clothing in a quite traditional Japanese town.

Wallace, the 7th gym leader in Hoenn, is probably one of my favorite characters, too.
Having a water-type gym isn't such a big deal anymore, but I still really liked the way his gym worked and the fact that his alter-ego in the anime appears with an own championship/torunament for beauty competitions is just an addition on the lists of reasons why he's my favorite, though the choice in Hoenn was one of the hardest to begin with.

One of my favorite things about Volkner, 7th gym leader in Sinnoh - is probably his friendship with Elite Four member Flint.
He seems really absent-mindedly and not interested, almost bored by his life and has a kind of depressive vibe. I can't say that I like that, but it makes him really interesting.

Another tendency I seem to have are electro-specalized gym leaders.
This applies to my favorite one from Unova, as well.
Elesa brought another idea closer, that I really liked. Gym leader's alternative lives and jobs.
The idea of them just sitting in their gym all day always seemed kind of weird to me so I really welcomed it when they included more private aspects in the games. Now you get to know what they do next to waiting for you to come and beat their ass, some of them even have a family or spouse that is mentioned or even appears in the games.
On top of that, Elesa is a freaking model. How cool is that!?

Last up, for Kalos is Viola.
I couldn't really decide at first because I really liked all the gym's designs but she was really nice and a good start into the gym huddle of Kalos.
I have a weird liking for bug-type trainers who are actually kind of strong or at least have the potential because I always feel like this type of Pokémon get underestimated too much.
They might have some weaknesses but there are a lot of pretty cool Pokémon there as well - not to mention that she has one of my favorite Pokémon in her team.
I really like that her hobby is photography and the friendship with Valerie, too.

Who's your favorite?
Tell me in a comment below.

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