23 May 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 11

Route 11 (What's your) favorite Pokémon movie? Why?

There are 18 Pokémon movies out at the moment and I just managed to watch the first 5 of them yet, so it's not like I am a pro, talking in that matter.
I generally enjoy the movies more than the anime series, so I actually plan on getting back on track and trying to catch up with some more of these movies someday.

My favorite, out of the few I completely watched myself, is Pokémon Heroes.
It's the 5th movie and came out in 2002.
The lengendary Pokémon playing a main role here, are Latias and Latios, who appear as siblings, living and protecting a town called Alto Mare, that is obviously inspired by Venice.
I like this movie the most, because Latias and Latios were one of my favorite legendaries, that I usually find hard to deal with in the games when you actually want to include them in your active team.
The main reason however is the affluence of phenomena and happenings that don't appear in the series or games. The way the life of wild Pokémon is included into the city, the events they celebrate (for example the competiton Ash and Misty take part in in the beginning). I honestly fell in love with Alto Mare as well and I just really enjoy whenever the movie makers focus on aspects that don't appear in the games.
I don't think Latias falling in love with Ash was necessary in any way but oh well, I still really like this one, the villains were pretty cool as well.

Did you watch all the Pokémon movies so far? Which is your favorite?
Tell me in a comment below.

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