25 May 2015

highlights 2014 ♡ Gardens of the World

I'm really late with the last two parts of the highlights from last year, I still wanted to post. I really hope I can get over with this soon, since it feels kind of weird for me to post about these here, though it's better than nothing at all - university is crazy as always, and my summer break still in a 2month's distance.

You can find part one and part two of this small "I don't want this photos and impressions to go to waste"-project by clicking above.
I posted about this magical place last spring already, when I visited the annual cherry blossom festival, here
I didn't have time to go this year, however I visited the gardens a second time last summer and spent a lovely day with the boyfriend.
I never can get myself to not take photos when I visit this place.

It's definitely one of my favorite spots in Berlin, though it's a pain to get there from where I live and there were lots of construction sites and another street festival when we wanted to visit, so it was extra hard to find a bus that actually took us to the gates - inside they had a couple of constructions going on as well, but at least the Korean, Japanese and Chinese gardens were opened, as well as some other dreamy spots.
When you have the chance to go to Berlin, don't know what do do yet, enjoy the nature and have good luck with the weather during your stay, I would definitely recommend the Gardens of the World to you!
Do you get enthusiastic about landscape gardens and "green spots" like this?
Tell me in a comment below.

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