30 May 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 12

Route 12 What are your six least favorite Pokémon and why?

I actually like to think that every Pokémon has their good points and is cool in their own way. I sometimes think legendary Pokémon are overrated but beside that, it was a bit hard to actually find Pokémon I don't like - who am I kidding? There are some I find highly unlikable.
The first two of six, come in couples since I just don't like the whole evolutionary family as a whole (so if you want to, you could say I even found 8 Pokémon I don't like).

 688.png 689.png 597.png 598.png 631.png 632.png 537.png 101.png

Sugimori 688.pngSugimori 689.png
Binacle and its evolution Barbaracle.
These two are definitively the ugliest Pokémon I can think of.
Their type combi Water/Stone is interesting but I wouldn't choose either of these to fight with for a million Poké-Dollar.

Sugimori 597.png Sugimori 598.png
Ferroseed and its evolution Ferrothorn.
I still don't even know what these are meant to be and though they have another interesting type combo of Grass/Steel it feels super inconvenient to me. You are definitely screwed if you face an opponent with fire-attacks. Again, I can't really get anything out of their design either.

Sugimori 631.png Sugimori 632.png
Heatmor and it's archenemy (or prey) Durant.
I still remember how I found the first Durant in-game and was shocked because I thought it looked super mean and I didn't even want to catch it for my Pokédex.
Heatmor on the other hand just looks weird and it doesn't feel right to look between its legs all the time because of these weird pipes there.
I kind of like the idea of a fire-breathing anteater and steel-ants/termites. 

Sugimori 537.pngSugimori 101.png
Last up, we have the creep ball Electrode (I don't really like Voltorb either, but oh well) and warty Seismitoad.
I don't know but latter is one of the rather ugly guys as well and Electrode is simply annoying.
Who wants to have a Pokémon that looks like an exercise ball, with a smug grin on its face that makes you wonder if it just watched questioning contents, anyway?
In the end, there are more than 600 different Pokémon. We can't expect all of these ideas to be brilliant and appealing for everyone's taste. Generally, I still like to think, that every Pokémon has it charmes, if you just get yourself into it.
This being said, I wonder; which is your least favorite Pokémon?
Tell me in a comment below.

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