31 May 2015

五月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

After the last couple of weeks have been crazy and - at least appointment-wise only small changes appear - I feel fractionally more relaxed (or rather less stressed) today, which allows me to get back to one of my small favorites here, giving a small review of the last month.

In May, university's schedule hit me like a bat with a lot of work to do and only little time for anything else. I can actually feel it in my bones, but I try to stay strong. Nonetheless, I'm always proud whenever I get something done and it keeps me going.
I took a lot of photos as long as the blossoms around kept blooming and even got some for my Mom at Mother's Day. I appreciate my mom a lot, love her to bits and I can say that I'm blessed with a pretty close relationship to her. I'm just really proud and grateful (the card above says THANKS by the way)
I finally got to wear my circle lenses again (though I only did it once and not again, since my eyes are too tired and not used to them anymore) and I was more than lucky to find the rhododendron superseded all the cherry blossoms so now I have other beautiful colors to cheer myself up with.
One of the bigger developments this month probably was, that I finally got tickets for my summer vacation and it feels realer every passing day. You can check out a small count-down on the sidebar.

Beside that, there isn't much to say about May. I've spend most of the last weeks with my studies. 
Midterms are a pain in the bum and occupied so much of my time, that I would love to spend with other things - but priorities are set alright. I hope to scrape up some extra time to bring up a couple of updates once in a while, though.

Do you look forward to summer vacation already, too?
Tell me in a comment below.

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