8 May 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 9

Route 9 What trainer class would you be?

If I had to chose I'd probably just go with Pokémon-Trainer but during the games and generations appeared a whole bunch of different trainer classes and I always find it fun and interesting to imagine, which Pokémon I'd choose, when I was meant to be a player in a certain class.
Since I became quite a strategical fighter, I prefer to have a mixed team, too which makes it a bit harder to actually find a trainer class you fit into.

In the end, I would probably go with the trainer class idol.
It's a trainer class restricted to girls only, which I think is bullshit. However, their main feature is the fact that they use Pokémon from the Fairy Egg Group (the cute ones) in battle , like Pikachu or Clefairy.
Since I'm a huge fan of fairy-type Pokémon anyway and like the thought of pink fluff-balls kicking ass, this choice applies much more to me than I thought at first.
Yancy and Curtis are my favorite kind of idol-characters that appear in-game and I absolutely loved their design and color pattern. 

What trainer class do you like the best?
Tell me or ask a question in a comment below.

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