11 May 2015

東京ディズニーランド ♡ once upon a dream

It's been forever since I uploaded the first part of our day in Disney Land, back in March 2014, so it's definitely time to reward your patience and continue with the second part.
I ended the last part with our visit to the castle in the middle of the park and shall restart from there again. We waited forever to go into their Haunted House that turned out to be quite boring, if you consider how long you've been brimming with anticipation then, burning in the sun.

Afterwards we had to literally run across the park to be in time for our fast-pass tickets. It was a crazy scene because there were barricades everywhere since the afternoon parade had already begun.
Needless to say, we couldn't watch this one, however we were indemnified with an absolutely magical parade in the evening.
There were so many Disney characters and universes you could look out for and the whole atmosphere was amazing. I took a lot more photos than I'm already showing here, but because of the movement and how dark it already was (for obvious reasons) there are a lot of fails among them. I still want to share some more of my favorite carts.
One of my most favorite things about this magical amusement park were all the little, lovely details you could find wherever you went. 
After all I found bits and pieces of my own childhood in every corner and everywhere I looked and though I was really exhausted by the end of the day, it was worth it. 
They have a lot of stores that sell merchandise and the like - of course - but I learned that they are super crowded and it might be a lot easier to get your hands on what you want or take a look at the choice online, or at a Disney-store that's not included into the parks. I learned after I came back to Germany, that there's another store somewhere in Tokyo.
The next time I have the chance, I will definitely check this out, and Disney Sea of course.
I need to get back on track with my Japan updates, especially now when my next vacation is in sight distance... there are only a couple of things left (four planned posts at the moment), until I'm at my journey's end, so I hope you'll stay patient and will enjoy the following updates, as well.

Do you like amusement parks?
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