6 June 2015

浅草 ♡ the aftermath

When I looked through my remaining photos I found a bunch that definitely deserved an own post.
The day deserves some words anyway, though it's not chronological anymore, since it was before our trip to Tokyo Disney Land (part one | part two).
We met up at 2pm to go to Asakusa together with a couple of other German peeps that happened to be in Japan around this time, too. Since it was the day after our night at the TRUMPROOM it still felt rather early to us and though I never had a hangover yet, this noon felt pretty close to it, until we ate some lunch.
Asakusa (浅草) is a district in Taitō (台東区) and the Sensō-Ji (浅草寺) is one of the most popular spots to find there. There are other temples and a lot of festivals that take place in that district. You can find some traditonal, beautiful houses, too.
Since it was a Saturday when we went to see the temple, it was really crowded, being one of the top tourist-attractions and all.
I really liked however, how many Japanese people visit their cultural places as well. You don't see that as often were I live - or is that just my impression?
In the late afternoon we went to another one of my personal highlights in Tokyo, the Pokémon Center at the Hamamatsucho station (浜松町駅) on the Yamanote Line. We only passed another of these stores when we were in Osaka, so this was the only one I went to and since you have nothing even close to that where I live, I was extra excited.
Let's end this with another lovely detail we found during our nightly stroll through the area around Hamamatsucho. It's the cutest johnny pump cover I've ever seen in my life.
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