6 July 2015

スカイ・ライン ♡ all the lights

During one of our last days of our stay, back in Tokyo we took the oportunity to visit the Tokyo Tower. Sadly the weather wasn't that good and so we went without going up the tower, being quite sure the view through foggy air and grey clouds wouldn't be worth the while. The time we spend in the base of the tower and the cute food, however was worth it and the next time, I will go on a good-weather day and enjoy the view from the top of the tower even more.

The Tokyo Tower was completed in 1958. It's 333m high (13 meters taller than its model: the Eiffel Tower of Paris) and a symbol for Japan's rebirth as a major economic power. It serves as television and radio broadcast antenna and - of course - tourist attraction.

If you want to go to Tokyo Tower, it's best to take the JR Yamanote or JR Keihin-Tohoku Line. The station is Hamamatsuchō (浜松町駅). You can then walk and take the chance to visit the Zōjō-ji Temple (増上寺) as well, which is right next to the tower. The entree fees of the tower differ according to the attractions the tower offers and which of those you want to visit. There is a wax-museum and a lot more to check out - we however didn't do that.

A couple of days later, I had the chance to not only visit a pretty nice Alice In Wonderland themed café in Shibuya (I'm sure there are better ones out there, somewhere in Akihabara but it wasn't bad and the only theme café I visited), but actually get to Roppongi Hills, which is pretty much in the same neighborhood as the Tokyo Tower and snap some great skyline photos in the evening. 
Roppongi Hills is one of the tallest buildings (or rather the complex of buildings and the Mori Tower) in the city and I got told (and experienced) that the shopping area right underneath it is pretty posh and super elegant. They have varying exhibitions as well and I went to see one of Andy Warhol's art and lifework. It was really impressive.
they had a merry-go-around inside of the café this was one of my favorite things!
Actually standing there, in a room full of big windows just so you can see as far as your eyes may let you, has a really special feeling to it, that makes your heart beat in a weird, new pattern. I felt at ease these minutes. You see the lights and all the life down there and you feel a bit, as if you were actually standing above it, able to overview it all. It fills you up with the place you are at, with its very special flow and atmosphere; with all the places you've seen along your trip and I think this was one of the evenings and moments, that burned all the wonderful experiences I made into my mind. It's something really special and I hope I can go somewhere high and see all the lights someday again.

Do you like tourist attractions and observation decks?
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