9 July 2015

dinosaur lamps and other creations ♡

I mentioned it before, so now - to put a small break between the last posts about my Japan trip and to not let time lapse away too far - I decided to share a few impressions I gathered on this year's DMY.

DMY Berlin is an international platform/network for contemporary product/industrial design.
Every year they host the so-called International Design Festival, where famous and new designers have the chance to display their products, proto-types and new concepts.

They had a huge frame-program for the four days it was hold, but I didn't visit any of these workshops or design-talks but just strolled around, drinking in the new impressions and inspirations - the general atmosphere - as I always love to, on my small 'voyages of discovery'.

The DMY International Design Festival was hosted from June 11 till 14, and the boyfriend and me took the chance to go there on Saturday, June 13 - which turned out to be one of the hottest days until then. 
There was a lot to see, though it was already the forelast day and I rarely caught the names of all the designers and schools and whathaveyou that showcased their newest creations.
Since I don't have a lot of knowledge in that field, though my interest is immense, I shall stop babbling now and let the photos speak for themselves.
The location - a place called Kraftwerk, which is German for power plant - what it basically was a decade or two ago - emphasized the strange yet fascinating atmosphere you'd describe as 'typical' for Berlin's art scene, as far as I am concerned. 
It's a really interesting, rough mixture that I find weirdly fascinating but a bit cold and comfortless at the same time.

Did you ever visit a similar event?
Tell me in a comment below.

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