28 August 2015

七月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

Admitedly, it has been almost an eternity since my last update and this one is really late.
I apologize for that but unfortunately the change of month fell right into my vacation time that I spent in a hiatus because I was literally out every day (with one exception), which made the last 5 weeks pretty eventful but also really exhausting. I uploaded the photos from my phone and camera onto my laptop this afternoon and let's leave it at this statement for now: I took roughly 2000 photos in Korea.

An though I am still not quite back into my schedule and have some work for university coming up this month I am really motivated to get into blogging again now and get you the impressions I made as soon as possible.
So without further ado, I'm here for a short resumé of July now.

I finally started using the old PSP I got from my brother as a birthday present. I mostly use it as a music player because you can't really buy many games for it since the new PS VITA exists. It's not that bad anyway because this way I can save my mobile phones battery. Also, I went to the hair dresser for the first time in years and got my hair into a really nice silverly grey shade. Sadly my try to touch up the color went horribly wrong though I did everything as recommended by my hairdresser and I was all green and blue and blondish when I went on vacation. As much as I liked the grey color and the rest shade I have now again - I know I won't keep this color. I guess pink is just more yukulicious.
Per usual a small peak on my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and a first couple of impression from my vacation in Korea. As I already promised before I went on my trip I will share as many impression as possible about this time and all the things I was lucky to experience. These waffles were amazingly delicious and I'm regretting not getting another chance to buy one, btw.

I totally forgot to mention that earlier but I want to thank everyone who has wished me good luck when I was working and studying for my exams last semester. It paid off and I was able to pass both of my language classes with rather good grades. I only have to write a term paper now to finish all classes I had this summer and I am actually looking forward to it because I will do a movie analysis of Spirited Away. ♡

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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