12 September 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 18

Route 18 Whas is your favorite held item? Which is your favorite non-held item?

When I first read the question I thought "Hey. That is easy. You don't do items so much."
... I was gravely mistaken.
I'm not even sure I can keep up the seperation made in the original question... so instead I'll simply say some words about my favorite items.


First off, we have berries.
I'm not really constant with my care for them, to be honest.
There are times when I plant them everywhere or search for them on my map like a madman and other times where I completely forget about their existence.
I rarely use them in fights, too but I gotta say I love the idea behind them and I'm a furious collector of them and apricorns (pretty sad they only appear in Johto. I loved the idea of someone making special Pokéballs for you)
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There is just a lot you can do with them in the games and that Pokémon eat them and all that stuff is kind of cute and makes it a tiny bit realistic.

Hand in hand with berries go, what they are used for.
I never got around to check out the new juice-bar stuff in X and Y for that matter but when Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby came out my friends and my brother and me would throw huge lan-parties in our children's rooms and we made Pokéblocks together as if our lives depended on them.
I think the idea to cook candy or poffins for your Pokémon is absolutely adorable, though I have to admit that I'm a horrible poffin cook in the games... I should definitely try it again since I gave up on it long ago.

Now, things that I actually use and which honestly make it so much easier for me to get through the usual gameplay without too much trouble. The times are over where I want to cry in anger over a lost battle and my ideal is to always keep my team on the same level.
Later, when I start to train other Pokémon that weren't necessary for the main events, these two items get even more interesting.
Here I am, talking about Exp.Share and the Amulet Coin.
These are definitely used a lot by me and though a lot of people complained, I think the new way of use for the Exp. Share is great because now I can stack my team with underleveled Pokémon and all of them can share the achievement they make. The item doesn't need to wander around onto another Pokémon's head after each level-up and my Togepi can't throw it away again (this really happened to me, don't laugh - the wound is still fresh) when its Metronome attack acidentally turns into Fling.

The item, that I was originally trying to talk about, before all these other ideas flooded my brain - was Leftovers. I really like this small piece of apple.
It doesn't look like a lot but it actually restores some of the lost HP of the Pokémon it is held by, during battle. It's only 1/16 of the maximum HP but you can't even imagine how much of an positive effect it can have on your battle and your self-esteem.
It's such a petty thing but makes me feel like a great tactician, hahaha

Before I end this Route I'd like to mention that I think the new design of the item-radar is so adorable. It makes you look like a bee or fairy with its antennas and it never fails to make me giggle to myself. I'm so easily impressed. Oh lord.
My favorite valuable item are Heart Scales. They look so pretty and shimmery and I'd love to see something like that in real life - if it would ever exist.

What is your favorite item?
Tell me in a comment below.

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