9 September 2015

Good Guy BB Cream ♡ makeup review

It has been quite a while since I did my last review and given that I used this product for more than one year, it was about time I come around to say what I think about it.
When I first got into Korean makeup, I ordered a whole bunch of different BB creams I either read about before or found pleasing for the eye, from what I could see on my computer screen.
Finding foundation in my skin tone was always a struggle where I live because I am quite pale and even the lightest shades never quite fit. 
Today I want to introduce and review the product that won the race in my first trial and that I have used for almost two years before getting a new, more suitable solution this summer:
Etude House's Moment st. Good Guy BB Cream.

Currently it's out of stock (and I'm afraid they won't get it back in soon), but until recently you could order it directly on the Etude House online shop; here.
As the name already implies this is a BB Cream originally made for male customers. The only difference they explain when asked however, is that their products for girls usually aim for a heavier look whereas this and the counterpart Bad Guy (here) are made to give a more natural look.

On the package it's described as the following:
Etude House Moment st. Good Guy BB Cream SPF35 PA++
This hydrating BB Cream for men provides sheer coverage with a moisturizing, radiant finish to naturally even out skin tone.
The container holds a bottle (height: 9.5cm - diameter: 4.5cm) with a pump-like lid. It holds 50ml of foundation and costs $14.40 in the shop. Since the BB Cream looks the best when applied in moderation one bottle may last a good while, which made it quite affordable for me, though I used it on a daily basis.

Something else I want to add is that, although the bottle says "whitening & anti-wrinkle", the cream isn't actually whitening your skin but the term that is used pretty often for products that even-out your skin tone by covering up and concealing darker or lighter spots (there are products that actually whiten your skin... but this is not one of them).
Though lighter than most of the "light" foundations you can find in drug stores here, the shade was still a bit darker than my actual skin but applied to the face it's not as bad as it looks in the contrast shown on the picture below, especially since I use bright setting powder to get rid of the shiny finish. I don't like the super shiny finish that most Korean celebrities sport because it reminds me too much of attacks of sweating or looks greasy to me.

What I like about the product:
  • comparatively light feeling on skin
  • stays long
  • sun protection already in the product (that's not all that usualy for other foundations where I live)
  • keeps "moist & natural cover" promise
What I don't like about the product:

  • clogs pores a bit
  • when applied too thickly color doesn't blend with actual skintone anymore
  • shiny finish (but that's a personal preference)
Conclusively I have to say that I would recommend the product, considering that I was generally happy and really satisfied to use it for such a long time. It was the first BB Cream that I liked, didn't feel too thick or heavy and suited my skin tone the most when I started using it.
Next time, I might reveal which product was able to dethrone this Good Guy.

Which kind of foundation do you use?
Tell me in a comment below.

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