21 September 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 19

Route 19 What is your favorite fossil? Which is your least favorite?

I always found the idea of finding fossils and being able to revive them rather exciting. Nothing I would consider smart in real-life because I guess dinosaurs went extinct for a reason but I'm all in for the fun in the Pokémon games.
Once again we are in the situation of me not being able to actually decide on single Pokémon here, but at least I am able to give some sort of grading because there are generations whose fossils I liked really much and one specific generation whose fossils I liked the least, as I just realized.

138.png140.png142.png 347.png345.png 408.png410.png 564.png566.png 696.png698.png
The main question of this update asks for it the other way around but I will start with the fossils I like the least, which would have to be generation IV (pearl/diamond/platinum edition).
Eventhough I generally think all the fossils are cool, I have to admit that Cranidos and Shieldon just didn't hit the nerve as much as all the others did. I didn't even love their evolution, which - in contrast - made me like Kabuto a lot more (because Kabutops just kicks ass). I mean... they are still kind of cool but not as cool as their other fossil buddies.

My favorites are from generation VI. I'll admit I love cute Pokémon and this shouldn't even be so much of a surprise... and these two just look super adorable and their evolutions kick ass. I chose Amaura in my Pokémon Y game but I really should ask around my friends to get a Tyrunt as well - it's been years that the game came out so it's about freaking time!

What is your favorite fossil pokémon?
Tell me in a comment below.

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