18 September 2015

とびだせどうぶつの森 ♡ games

As probably all of my readers know by now, I'm a huge fan of cute games and extremely obsessed with the last title of the Animal Crossing series that came out back in 2013 - Animal Crossing: New Leaf. 

The original Japanese name as shown in the title is とびだせどうぶつの森 (tobidase doubutsu no mori) .
While 'doubutsu no mori' - which actually just means 'animal forest' - is the general title for the Animal Crossing series, tobidase means 'jump out!'. It sounds a bit weird at first...
However, the close relation of the infinitive of the word - which is 飛び出す (tobidasu) to the Japanese word for pop-up book 飛び出す本 (tobidasuhon)  does make a lot more sense to me. 
I like the idea of seeing all the cute towns you can create in the game as picture books and the way your town unfolds, does feel like opening such a pop-up book in some way or another. Or maybe it's just me getting poetic and dreamy...
source ♡
I restarted my town last summer [21st of June 2014] because I wasn't really happy with how my first try was and honestly - I had my head up in the maze of super cute animal crossing themed tumblr blogs by then and was determined to create my own dream town - just like a cute pop-up book. ♡ 
Actually, I have been wanting to write about this game for a long while but never really got around to do it, so when fellow blogger and Animal Crossing player y a p o [twitter ♡ blog],  asked me to do some blogging about it, I was more than happy and put it right on top of my list of postings to write after returning from my vacation.
I have thought about different ways to do this but since I invested a lot of time into the whole game and got to know all sorts of know-how on how the game works and how to achieve all different kinds of things, I thought I would make this a small series to actually cover everything I can and am motivated to talk about without posting one super long update that everyone's afraid to read because it's just too much.
So this will just be a small overview and the appeal to send me every kind of questions you have concering this game and if there is anything you always wondered - no matter if it is about villager move-outs/ins, public work projects, dreamies or even hacking. I will do my best to answer your questions and look up tutorials that I can share with you in following postings!
Last of all I want to introduce you to my animal crossing themed tumblr; fayleacrossing.tumblr.com.
I only reblog animal crossing related things - like codes to cute dreamtowns and QR codes - there and have a couple of pages added that introduce my town Faylea and its residents. Feel free to follow me or ask questions there as well.
Do you play Animal Crossing?
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