27 September 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 20

Route 20 What is your favorite non-battling feature?

Ironically I suck at most of the things I like out of this category. Well, I do it for the fun until my failure-ratio frustrates me and I'm close enough to throw my console across the room and have to apply the emergency break and stop to play for a while altogether.

Anyway, I will introduce the four things that came to my mind and tell you what I like most about them, or what drives me out of my mind.
ORAS Feuer-Kissen.png ORAS Pflanzen-Kissen.png ORAS Wasser-Kissen.png

Though the idea of a maze that spans across a whole region's soil is kind of creepy, it provided so much fun to just dig yourself through The Underground of Sinnoh in Pokémon Platinum (and Pearl/Diamond).
I really liked how many treasures you could find there and the mini-game to get them out of the walls. The trap pads were super fun as well and as I'll explain in detail in the following I always loved the idea of secret bases. The only thing that was a bit unfortunate for me, is that I tend to be alone with all the fun because I rarely had the chance to meet up with friends to play together during this time.

Super Secret Bases, or just Secret Bases in general, were one of my favorite things to invest my time in when I first started playing Pokémon Sapphire. I liked the idea so much to build your own secret place and stuff it with cute dolls and furniture and make it really cozy, always curious if your friends would ever be able to find it. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to get my head around the whole new deal of Super Secret Bases and it frustrates me a tiny bit, but I will get there eventually - able to present you my very own, small realm.

Back in the days of Pokémon Sapphire, I was on a winning spree in Pokémon Contests with my Castform and it was fabulous and seeing the cute drawings you got when you won a contest in the entrance hall or even a museum always made it kind of special. 
But the concept and way of Pokémon Contests changed from game to game and though it got a lot more interesting - in some way - I just couldn't get myself in it yet which means a lot of frustration and no pictures in range whatsoever.
As I mentioned before I like the idea of feeding your Pokémon small treats and sweets to improve their charisma... if it wouldn't be such a pain to cook them. Pokémon Contests are one of the things I meant in the first lines of this update - I wish I was better and knew what I am doing when it comes to this...

After this rather depressive paragraph, let's end this route with something you can only love.
PokéMonAmi, the small new feature that came with generation 6 and Pokémon X/Y enables you to actually cuddle your Pokémon and play with them to increase their affection. 
The mini-games you can play are slightly addictive and I just love the small Poké Puffs you can feed your companions and really - it is so worth it. With the increase of affection the Pokémon's behavior in battle might change positively and they will baffle you when they randomly heal themselves from burn, poision and other things or ditch an attack "so that <Trainer> wouldn't worry!" (original quote from the game-dialogues that might happen)
eg. My Pikachu lady Joy loves me like her life depends on it and there is nothing more heart-warming that her nervously turning around or giving an approving nod mid-battle or the way she squeals in joy whenever I start the PokéMonAmi and play with her. 
Way to go Nintendo, making me feel even more attached to a bunch of pixels than I already did before...
Which is your favorite feature in the games?
Tell me in a comment below.

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