5 September 2015

25 ways of POKéMON ♡ Route 16

Route 16 What is your favorite non-evolving Pokémon? Which is your least favorite?
I accidentally uploaded Route 17 before. 
I couldn't find this one here because it was hiding in my drafts and I thought it was already up...

Even if we don't count legendaries and Pokémon with a new form of Mega Evolution, we still have a list of 52 species to choose from which is quite a lot, even if we have 720 in a whole now.

My favorite is Castform.
Castform is just so adorable and in a certain kind of way it is able to "evolve". I really like the idea of Pokémon that are sensitive to weather and this one even changes forms according to it.

Now I want to introduce two patterns that I spotted in the lists of unevolving Pokémon.
1st there are a handful of unevolving Pokémon that appear in couples of some sort instead.
My favorite examples are these:

Plusle and Minun

313.gif 314.gif
Volbeat and Illumise

337.gif 338.gif
Lunatone and Solrock

335.gif 336.gif
Zangoose and Seviper

The 2nd one is that all electro type "mice" species, beside Pikachu - of course - have no evolutions.
587.gif  417.gif 702.gif
Emolga, Pachirisu and Dedenne

My least favorite Pokémon in this category is: 
I don't really know what to think about it. I can't befriend with its design and all these things.

Which is your favorite castform-form?
Tell me in a comment below.

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