31 October 2015

What a spooky weekend ♡ Halloween special

(I'm so sorry - I couldn't upload this yesterday because I was too busy & my Internet wasn't cooperating.)
Despite the general hype that many of the people I follow on SNS share, flooding every dashboard I usual put my eyes on with tsunami-like waves of content and ghastly excitement I am not a Halloween enthusiast and as far as I remember I never was.
Of course I went trick-or-treating when I was still younger but being a person that is generally easily stattled and scared I never enjoyed horror movies or anything of that sort and am in the habit of avoiding the main reason most people look forward to October all year long.

Notwithstanding my obvious indifference to Halloween I would lie if I said I don't find some of the decorations and customs cute and fun.
For example, I really like autumn and pumpkins - pumpkin soup is one of my favorite dishes! - and there are a lot of ways to carve them artistically...
To cut a long story short, I decided to upload at least a little halloween special posting here on my blog, sharing some of the cute impressions and ideas I found scrolling through tumblr and pinterest.

source & tutorial ♡
source, more photos & tutorial (German) ♡

source ♡
source & more ♡
source & tutorial ♡
source ♡
I am aware that sharing these ideas right now makes actually effectuating any of the shown content a challenge but even if you have already all your halloween parties and decorations planned, you can still include them next year.

Why do you like Halloween & what do you like the most?
Tell me in a comment below.

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