23 December 2015

1600 Pandas ♡ 롯데월드 2

I think it was on one of the last days of July when the boyfriend told me about the touring exhibition/project and since it was already time for them to move on to the next destination I was overly excited when we got into motion the next afternoon and went over to Lotte World II - pretty much on Jamsil Station (which was only three or four stops from our station) to meet one of my favorite animals - a whole bunch of them, made of papier-mâché, and with a whole bunch I mean 1600 (in words one thousand six hundred) of them.

1600 Pandas is a touring exhibition organized and hosted by WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature, a non-governmental, international organisation that works in the field of biodiversity conversation and the reduction of Humanity's footprint on the enviroment. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about them and saw their panda logo at least once before.

With the 1600 Pandas exhibiton that toured eg. Germany in 2013 (which I obviously missed) and toured Asia this summer, they showcase in a really impressive way how many specimen of the Giant Panda actually still live in the wild on Earth.
Since they are really hard to keep, raise or even breed in captivity I think that this endangered animals need attention - just like any other endangered specimen actually.

Well, after this small paragraph as this update's moralizer I want to share the photos I took. 

There were just so many of them and a lot of really cute and unique scenes, too. 
Did you spot the panda pyramid? There were hugging couples and just so many to explore - especially when we consider that we talk about 30~50cm tall papier-mâché figures. 
I think we spent almost three-quaters of an hour there because I was just that fascinated and in love with all these small pandas. 

Of course I couldn't leave this place without asking my boyfriend to take photos of me with these pandas as well. They actually established two seating/photo areas where you could take photos within all the pandas, though entering the "panda-meadow" was prohibited elsewhere.

Needless to say we spent some time around the Lotte World complex afterwards, ate something and went window-shopping. I'll make sure to post more about it another time because there is a special store, I found in that mall, that I will introduce to you soon. Please look forward to it! 

Do you like pandas?
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