20 December 2015

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 06

It's time for the next part of my personal AnimalCrossing challenge, about all my favorite things out of the New Leaf universe. Feel free to join in on this little game. You can find an overview of the questions here.

After talking about my favorite female characters and introducing most of the femal population of my town Faylea in my last update, it's time to talk about our boys/men, too. 
So today I will introduce my favorite representatives of all the different character types there are for male villagers: smug, lazy, jock and cranky.

18 my favorite smug villager

When I first started playing New Leaf smug villagers easily became one of my favorites. 
These days - counting how many villagers of which species I actually like the most - the excitement has calmed down a bit but I still really enjoy their presence and am especially happy with my smug villager, Marshal, who graces Faylea with his presence. I especially like him because the image that smug villagers convert (they like j-pop, manga, anime and generally appear super fabulous, sometimes even flirty) suits that small marshmallow-white squirrel incredibly.
Other smug villagers that I like are: Colton, Jaques, Julian, Lopez and Zell.

19 my favorite jock villager

Jock villagers are generally fun, though they appear kind of awkward to me sometimes. They seem to never not talk about sports which for me - personally - is quite disconcerning. They are still kind of cute, always active, always energetic and estatic about almost everything. They can appear kind of... well, simple in some situations though. My favorite jock villager, residental in Faylea as one of the first dreamies I was able to move in is Genji. I definitely like him the most, but other jock villagers that are fun are listed here, anyway: Bam, KidCat, Pierce and Poncho.

20 my favorite lazy villager

Moving on to my favorite male character trade, or the one which the majority of my favorite male villagers go by: lazy. They are absolutely adorable and always either sleepy or hungry, acting a bit childish sometimes and still happy like 96% of all time.
They like their lives comfortable, talk a lot about food (and probably eat a lot, too), really, really admire your mayor and generally care for the people around them, though their childish behavior wouldn't let you assume it. Since they have most of my favorite villagers in their group, I decided to make two of them move in as Faylea's dreamies: Zucker and Beau.
The list of adorable lazy villagers goes on, whatsoever: Chester, Cranston, Derwin, Drago, Erik, Jeremiah, Papi and Stitches.

21 my favorite cranky villager

Cranky villagers are what I affectionately call 'closet softies'.
At first they appear all grim and grumpy, their dark voice and sometimes rough behavior hinting at how they are rather hard to approach. By the end of the day they are one of the loveliest creatues to have around, though and once they open up to you, become friends so warm and considerate, you wouldn't want to miss them. I really like their mature attitude and how humble they are sometimes. It's a bit weird though - when I played my first town that I reseted later - still in German - they appeared a lot rougher and more unfriendly than their conversations are in the English version of the game. 
My absolute favorite, resident of Faylea for almost a year now is Fang.
I really love this white/silver wolf and how incredibly fast he warmed up to my mayor. They have a really cute, unique friendship by now.
Other cranky villagers I like are: Apollo, Bruce, Chief, Kabuki, Monty, Octavian, Static and Wolfgang.

I'm really curious what you think about these postings. The past couple of updates I didn't get as much feedback anymore and I'm a bit worried how you like it. I enjoy it, of course but I'd be sad to annoy you with these postings so I'd really, really like to know how I could improve them to make the whole series a more appealing experience for my readers.

Who is your favorite male villager?
Tell me in a comment below.

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