26 December 2015

5 things to do for a little rebound ♡

The holiday season is not necessarily a time with lots of space for relaxation, especially if you have a big family and therefore many lunches and dinners and brunches (urgh, way too much food) to attend but because it's still the two weeks at the end of the year that you can spend hidden from university stress and working schedules (at least to some extent), we should try some slow movement to let our minds and bodies rest from all the work and stress and responsibilities.

I am a person who struggles to get out of the habitual jog and stress without feeling painfully fallow which then frustrates me. 
One reason more to share some tips with which I try to get out of it to finally get a break of some sort - which lead me to today's topic: 5 things to do for a little rebound.

#1 Take a walk and get a breath of fresh air

Especially when you spend most of your time indoors and in front of a computer screen this can bring a lot. When a certain level of frustration is reached I just need the little escape.
I put on shoes and a coat, grab the leash and take my dog for a walk.
The green, the fresh air and just moving around for a bit does wonders. I can let my mind wander, connect ideas or bethink completely. Additionally, to see green is relaxing for your eyes and will help them recover from starring at a flickering screen all day.
Of course my dog is like the cherry on top. She will curiously wander around, jump and play and just like that takes off a lot of that weight and gloomy ideas I loaded onto me unknowingly.
Even if you don't have a dog or a forest you can stroll through just aimlessly walking the streets can have an effect too. You will be surprised how many small things you can discover you didn't even know about.

#2 Read a book

Or just generally do something for yourself - off-screen.
I got a couple of books as Christmas presents and it's been a while since I last read a physical copy of a book so actually taking the time to turn off the world and just snuggle up with a good book has become more and more tempting by the minute.
Reading something I don't actually have to read for university for a change, sounds really nice, too.

(I'm actually almost halfway through Binge & it's so funny and great!)
#3 Drink Tea

If you're more the coffee type this might work as well, though I'm not sure if it will have the same calming effect.
Drinking tea is just one of my favorite things to do, really and especially when I can take the time to literally just sit somewhere, leave all my cares behind and just stare into nothing for a few minutes - the moment when drinking tea becomes the main act and it isn't the cup that stands next to your laptop or that you forgot in the kitchen - this is when it becomes almost therapeutic for me.

#4 Do all the things you didn't have time for

Everyday life and schedules are hectic and there is never enough time for all the things you have to do - and the things you want to do. I could make another list of things I wanted to do but had to postpone or even cancel because there was just not enough time for them to be done.
So grab your gaming console or your coloring books, put on your sportswear and work out, make popcorn and watch three seasons of your favorite show on Netflix or whatever else you couldn't do. Just do it!
It's time that you finally spend time on things you love to do and long abandoned hobbies, and please don't go there and try to justify a lazy day in front of yourself. You don't need these excuses as long as it makes you feel better and helps to unwind.

#5 clean out or tidy up

This might sound weird at first but cleaning is something almost meditative for me. Especially at the end of the year, cleaning out and getting rid of things you don't need anymore can have that really special liberating feel. When I was a kid I hated to tidy up but these days it really eases my mind because I can distract myself from other things and seeing the result of a tidy, clean room is just worth it all over again. Sadly tiding up is one of the things that falls by the wayside often during everday's to and fro with university stuff and everything else people expect you to do and work on, so finally being able to tidy up my desk (prime example; it looks aweful right now and will easily take me two hours) releases a huge chunk of accomplishment.

Getting over the blockade in our heads that make us think about all the things we should be doing or all the things we couldn't do can be tough but let's try to either just get out and do something or let go, allow ourselves to be a miserable blob for a bit before we pull ourselves together again. Let's just try to relax a bit before the year is over and everyday life and its responsibilities come and kick in our doors again. 

What do you do to rewind?
Tell me in a comment below.

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