29 December 2015

十二月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

I'm a little early with this nutshell but because we have the end of the year approaching, too I needed some compromising. It's only a couple of days left till 2015 is over and I'm not 100% sure if I am actually ready for 2015 to end just like that... or maybe it's only about the short vacation that will end on the 2nd January, too and the fact that I feel weirdly disoriented after the last food coma, now when we're finally done with the holidays' eating binges. 
Anyway, I will stop with the rambling and try to focus on that small résumé of December, now.

December was a stressful month, but also eventful. I struggled but succeeded to finish all the projects and homework before the Christmas vacation started and having two Advent calendar's to keep the child inside happily anticipating to get up every morning probably was a good thing.
I used to have Playmobil Advent calendars when I was still a child - these days I get the sweets-only version but I won't complain. It's just a really nice tradition at our house and even my boyfriend was well provided with calendars and he doesn't even like sweets that much (more for me heuheu).

Beside university stress I managed to go to two concerts during the first two weeks of December which I both enjoyed so much!
The first was SuG, one of my favorite J-rock bands that stayed a favorite neverminding my strong shift in musical preference the last couple of years. I definitely had the best time on that concert, though I remember that the rest of the day was a disaster.
A week later I went to see B1A4 with two of my best friends and it was really nice, too.
Especially because it was the second time that the three of us attended such an event together.
We don't have as much time to see each other during university because our schedules don't cooperate at all which is rather frustrating for me sometimes. I'm a person who needs to see the people they are attached to in order to not feel lonely/unwanted. All the better that we saw each other for a little shopping, lunch and Christmas present exchange only a few days before Christmas (look at the cute sweet-ticket stuff I got from one of them!).

As you can see I finally bought my copy of B.A.P's new mini album MATRIX (among other things).
Christmas passed with the usual family gatherings and too much food.
I actually got the last couple of presents from my dear friend Cat in the mail this Monday. If you want me to post an update on my presents, tell me in a comment below.
To comment a bit on the last couple of photos that will follow:
After only attending two concerts in 2015 I'm more than thrilled to go and see Troye Sivan in May (with one of my best friends and my boyfriend). I'm so hyped!! - and I really liked my outfit for SuG, which was the chance in a while to dress up a bit. I won't blow the chance to share it once again, so here you go!

I'll do a 2015-résumé and a new-years-resolution update on Friday, so stay tuned for that!

How did you spend your December?
Tell me in a comment below.

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