17 December 2015

Christmas special ♡ my wishlist

It's this time of the year again, guys.
For those who were stressed the past weeks because of the midterm exams or other important projects, I'm proud of you for working so hard and hope you all received good feedback and high scores! My exam period will be January~February and I'm not ready.
I worked recklessly concerning my needed rest and stuff like that the past couple of weeks to get as much done as possible to be able to kind of enjoy the short vacation that starts next week.
It's holiday season though, which means annual family gatherings and too much food.
It can be kind of exhausting when you have to visit a lot of relatives but I really like the whole idea of sharing a good time once a year to show that you still care and all that so I won't complain.

Anyway, since I saw some of the bloggers I follow do this - or something similar - I decided to share with you, what I put on my wishlist this year - no matter how much I like to prepare presents myself it's still a big part to get presents from beloved ones, for me, too.

I'm usually overpowered with the "What do you want for Christmas/your birthday?" question and one would guess I got over myself by now but no - it's tradition like the repetitive TV programm on New Year's Eve. Year after year I get a minor heart attack and stumble on my own words when trying to voice wishes once I actually made up my mind.
# EXO second box
I got the first box as a birthday present this year and when I heard about the release of the second one I knew I just had to get it.
It's something I could befriend with putting on my wishlist, because it's not as expensive and I'm certain I'll find it more than useful and entertaining.
# Nintendo amiibo - Animal Crossing set: Cyrus | K.K. Slider | Reese
I still don't own a WiiU (because I'm thrifty, broke and wouldn't have time to play on it these days anyway) but I still can't take my eyes nor fingers off these incredibly adorable figures.
After buying the Super Smash Bros' Pikachu I found myself excitedly buying Lottie, too and actually getting three of the characters I still look to include in my collection seemed like a good deal (needless to say I'm happy with any of these figures). They are just too precious.

# Tyler Oakley - Binge
I actually don't spend a lot of time on youtube on a daily basis but when I do, I - too - have a couple of people and youtube celebrities that I like to watch the most. Among them is none other than Tyler Oakley and since I haven't read a physical book in a while now (and my grandparents love to give books to me) Binge found its way onto my wishlist almost automatically.
# Joey Graceffa - In Real Life
The second book actually goes in line with everything I said about Binge before, beside the fact that I am still incredibly in love with Joey's music video and song Don't Wait which is honestly one of the reasons why I started to consider reading his book.
# Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood
Not a book but easily one of the (non-Korean) albums I looked forward to this year.
I'm a person who really likes to collect and keep physical copies of music if it's something special and so Troye's album is a must. I really hope I will manage to go to one of his concerts next year, too.
You should definitely give it a quick listen → here.
# Disney Tsum Tsums
The obsession has been around for some time but since there is no disney-store anywhere close to where I live, I couldn't even think of actually buying one of these yet.
Time to use Christmas to release my inner child again and hope to find at least one or two of them under the Christmas tree in a week (Mickey and Minnie are just too cute and Daisy & Donald are just generally my favorites, OK?!).
One of the main problems with me and presents is probably that I am aware of the money spent on my presents when I look for them in the first place and I don't like the idea of others spending a fortune on me. I don't even like the idea of myself spending a fortune on me... also, I am the oldest child of four and therefore can't recklessly spit around wishes and things that I'd like to have (well I could but it would automatically turn me into an egoistic asshole and that's not where I am going).
If you have four children you can't grant your eldest daughter a 300€ game console if you still want to be able to feed the family for the rest of the month AND have two little chidren who haven't learned to look at prices yet (which is totally fine, they shouldn't have to worry about this with their age).
Thing is, if I can easily see the chance of me actually receiving this present drop with every passing second, I don't feel like actually wishing for this specific thing anymore - which makes it pretty easy to avoid disappointments of this sort.

Not minding the moral speech I just unconsciously included in this update, I want to share two other wishes, that are in the "there's no law against dreaming" category this year.

# Too Faced - Bon Bon Palette 
I read so many great things about this. It was just released and simply looks so adroable.
The fact that I usually don't experiment a lot with eyeshadow is what emphasizes this product's limits and districtions from being on the actual wishlist this year - I just can't bring myself to make someone pay a lot of money on something I can't guarantee to use frequently then.
# Fujifilm - Instax Share Smartphone Printer Sp-1
I saw this one in April's wishlist posting and immediately fell in love.
I bought a really cute Instax on sale in Korea but rarely take it with me and therefore any photos, always afraid it might break... which is quite dumb and sad because I really, really adore the way those polaroid photos look. The printer would allow me to print out anything looking just like these super cute sheets and I could use the data of the device I - in fact - take the most photos with anyway; my smartphone.
So that's actually it.
I love the thrill of exploring and wondering what my friends and family actually prepare for me as Christmas presents every year anew and I just hope that everyone of you, who celebrates Christmas will be able to enjoy it just as much.

What's on your wishlist this year?
Tell me in a comment below.

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