2 December 2015

十一月 ♡ a month in a nutshell

This month passed really fast and I can't even act as if I don't know why.
Even though I only have a couple of classes this semester, university keeps me busy - especially this week since I have to get most of the work of this semester done before the Christmas vacation which is only three weeks away, too. It feels good to be productive though and I feel like I finally get the hang of how to not overwork myself permanently (in my 4th year of university - took me long enough)
So without further ado, let's hopp right in and see what November was like for me.

Once again you could find me ramble about my Animal Crossing games on twitter, though I didn't got to play too much the past couple of weeks. 
After don't feeling well for two weeks and being sick the week afterwards there was finally a decent selca of me again too, and I tried to have a small comeback on my SNS since I tend to neglect it and things that I enjoy doing when there is too much work to do, instead of taking a break when I need it.

In order to fight the bad vibes and reward myself for all the work I put up with and all the things I try to manage lately, I bought my second amiibo - the first of hopefully many others from the new Amiibo Festival game for WiiU - I'm just obsessed with Animal Crossing, OK?! - and two packs of the second amiibo card series. 

I tend to get into a hermit status when there is too much to do or I feel like I can't do what I expect myself to... but two of my best friends helped me to tackle this on one weekend, too and we spent a couple of hours watching EXO's first live DVD and the First Box I already got as a present for my birthday in April. It was so much fun and I could actually relax, which was rather hard for me back in these days. The day afterwards snow started whirling around and made me wake up to this view Monday morning. It didn't last long, whatsoever but made December and winter come into view more prominently than before.
A couple of days ago then, the first parcel of Christmas presents arrived at my doorstep. Among these, was what I ordered for myself, too and I couldn't resist but had to look through the wonderful artbook one month before Christmas Eve - afterwards I had to promise my brother to not look at it again before the Dec 24th... There's no feeling of remorse whatsoever.

I hope you didn't get sick during the last couple of weeks when it got suddnely really, really cold around. 
Also, I keep my fingers crossed for everyone having less stress right before the holidays and that you can spend the last month of this year (good lord, time is flying) with as many happy moments as you can stuff into these last few weeks that are still left of 2015.

How was your November?
Tell me in a comment below.

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