8 December 2015

Seoul: 신촌 ♡

The first irony that appears to me when I look back at my experiences in 신촌 - Sinchon, is the gap between the time I spent there and the number of photos I took from the area.
I've honestly been to Sinchon so many times during my stay, no matter if it was for meeting my friends from Germany, going for noraebang (which is the Korean equivalent of karaoke) or staying awake till 7am to celebrate a triple birthday (you probably saw the photo of our ice cream cake on my instagram timeline).
Another irony is that it took me almost 1h to actually go to Sinchon but I still found myself there so many times and it's definitely one of my favorite areas that I've seen during my stay.

So today, though adored with only a couple of photos, I want to share some small snippets and facts about the area around Sinchon station with you.

Next to a lot of universities in that area (which explains why so many young people and students live there, too) Sinchon is famous for its nightlife; bars, hofs and restaurant - mainly aimed at the students around the area. Universities in close proximity include Yonsei University, Ewha Woman's University, Hongik University, Sogang University and Myongji University
There is a lot of entertainment that differs from the club/bar scene found there, too: PC-rooms, DVD-rooms, billard halls, and of course - noraebang / karaoke rooms. 

I mostly enjoyed the shopping possibilities, during the day because after all I'm not such a party-enthusiast. However I can show you one of my favorite stores - at least the outside because I was always too excited and caught up in all the cute products to take photos inside: ARTBOX.

I want to end this post with a share of the ice cream cake we ate during our birthday party because I don't think many saw it since I only posted it on instagram, like... 15weeks ago. 
The party was the joined birthday celebration of my boyfriend, his older brother & one of their closest friends because their birthdays are all really close to each other.

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