7 January 2016

롯데월드 2 ♡ Studio Ghibli Merchandise Store

After our adventures with the 1600 Pandas exhibition around the Lotte World Tower Mall (or Lotte World 2, how it's written in the headline), that you can check out here -
we went around the area a little longer to gather more impressions and I found another small treasure I want to talk about this time - the Studio Ghibli merchandise shop.
I forgot its actual location but the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store is opposite of it so if you find that, you're all good.

The Lotte World complex, as I mentioned in the last post, is at Jamsil Station, the interchange underground station of Line 8 and Line 2. Actually the Lotte World complex feels almost built into Jamsil Station (Line 2).
The Lotte World Tower is still under construction, though its height is already impressive.

While walking over to another part of the mall were I accidentally ran into a fanmeeting of rather popular K-POP boyband Infinite (it wasn't the last time I accidentally ran into an event of them) who were part of the premiere event for Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation that was coincidentally held that day, a row of cute Pororos caught not only mine, but also the attention of all the little Korean kids, that were walking around with their families. 
Pororo is a small blue penguin with a yellow helmet. He is main character of a super popular Korean children's series, that is named after him as well.

Without further distraction whatsoever, we'll come to the heart of this post - the photos I took while exploring the wonderland of cute wonderfulness that this small ghibli store turned out to be. 
They even had a walk-in cat-bus that you could take photos in, my boyfriend took of me too but because I look like I'm going to jump out the front window and kill you any minute (the magic of bad lightning) I'll spare you with it.

I was quite overwhelmed and ended up not buying a single thing (everything was rather pricey), but this store and also the Lotte World complex in general proved to be a place you can visit, explore and enjoy even without spending a fortune or coming home with stuffed shopping bags.

Which is your favorite Ghibli movie and/or character?
Tell me in a comment below.

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