10 January 2016

Wonder Pore Freshner ♡ skincare review

One of my inofficial new years resolutions that concern my blogging content (inofficial because I already started last year) that I am trying to work on, is, to bring more reviews onto my blog because there certainly more than a handful of products that deserve one and I have a feeling that most of my readers - especially the ones interested in make up and skincare - would enjoy them.

Bringing up one of my favorite products that I brought from Korea (I need to re-order it soon and a couple of other products, too!) I will review the Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House. I don't remember its price, especially because it was sale when I finally purchased it, but they sell it on their online store for $11.70. You can check it out here, they ship internationally and you have free shipping for orders over $70 (they send discount codes to their customers occassionally, too, so having an account there might be worth it).

As you can already guess by the name the Wonder Pore series of Etude House focuses on the pores of your skin. Aims are not only to clean them but to make them look smaller, get rid of blackheads, too much sebum and all the other small things that make us sigh when we take a too close look into the mirror. The package of the Wonder Pore Freshner (10 in 1 ultra pore solution) declares the following:


Wonder Pore Freshner

This is a total solution product that effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores with its special peppermint extract.
This Freshner balances pH levels, making skin pure like baby skin and preventing skin troubles caused by pH imbalance.

It's also called the 10 in 1 ultra pore solution and all the magical effects the freshner is said to have, are explained and listed on the package. However I'll take the time to list (direct quote, don't hold me responsible for Korean English) them here again, too:

1. Balance skin's ideal pH level
2. Refine skin tones
3. Keep the elasticity of pores
4. Remove skin surface's dead skin cells
5. Cleanse pore insides with cooling effect
6. Deep cleanse pores
7. Minimize appearance of pores
8. Control a large amount of sebum
9. Moiturize inside and outside of skin
10. Complete smooth glass-like texture

So you can say that the Freshner is a clear, cleaning toner.
I use it after removing my makeup and washing my face before I start the rest of my skincare routine, just as it is adviced on the package, simply using a cotton pad to pat it onto my face. Needless to say you shouldn't put it into your eyes, nor drink it, though it says it would clean your skin from the inside, too.
Sometimes I use it in the morning after washing my face with water, too before I put on my makeup but since I have another face lotion that I put on as primer anyway it has gradually shifted to be mainly part of my night time skincare routine.

What I like about the product

  • leaves fresh feeling on skin
  • not as harsh as other anti-blackhead toners I've tried
  • skin feels softer and less irritated

What I don't like about the product
  • skin feels still slightly tensed after using (minor bad point because I use other skincare products that sooth this effect anyway)
  • peppermint and alcohol as ingredients might cause trouble to people with extremely sensitive skin
  • cleansing & minimizing of pores -effect isn't visible immediately after usage & takes its time to actually happen which might be discouraging at first (at least it was for me, but hey we're not actually working magic anyway so I should've just been more patient)

I would definitely recommend this product, if you're looking for a fresh toner. Though I mentioned that the peppermint and alcohol might cause irritations or rash, it never happened to me and it as soft as it gets compared to a much more aggressive toners that I had before. 

The Etude House Wonder Pore skincare series comes with a lot of different items - they have clay masks, essences, black mask sheets, foaming cleansers, ...
I'm really curious about the other Wonder Pore products, so maybe I'll try them soon.

What kind of toner do you use?
Tell me in a comment below.

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