12 February 2016

French greetings from Japan ♡

As I shared on twitter this week, I received a parcel from my two French girls, Alyssa and Carole.
Around Christmas 2014 I sent them small Christmas presents because I felt like it and when they went to Japan in 2015, they promised to send me a parcel as a late birthday present - let's say it took them some time but it was well worth the wait.
I changed my original plan for today's update and decided to share in all the detail, what these two cute girls came up with, so that you know how the flood of cuteness looked like, that cascaded down onto me when I opened the shoe box sized parcel.

First off, just look at all these things they sent me. It's honestly like Christmas and my birthday mixed together. Most of the things are from Japan, but a couple of other things were bought in France, after they returned from their trip. As you can already guess from the first photo, this posting will be kind of picture heavy.

I tried to put them in different categories for the following photos and will proceed to list all the wonderful, cute little presents they prepared for me.

1. stationery

hamster sticker sheet  bunny sticker sheet  cherry blossom sticker sheet  halloween sticker sheet  little twinstar birthday card  my melody planner  my neighbour totoro mini sticker sheet  pokémon sticker sheet & pencils

Let's just say I'm in love, OK?  
I'm not sure if I'll have the heart to sharpen the pencils, I don't want to destroy the cute pokémon on them... 
Also, I remember seeing the same cherry blossom sticker sheets in Japan and though I eyeballed them quite some time I ended up not buying them - now we know why.

2. make up / skin care
LINE FRIENDS tissues  HEMA face masks: warm honey & fruity feast  SEPHORA eye shadows: It bag, Be on the A-list & Movie Popcorn

I honestly can't wait to try out the eyeshadows - might even do a seperate review about them once I get there. The small containers look really cute and the colors are really nice, far from flashy but still have a really cute gleam to them.

3. snacks & sweets

Pakkuncho (strawberry flavor)  Maruchan Seimen/Ramen (miso flavor)  milk chocolate & panda glico pocky  pokémon pocky  HEMA deco hearts  birthday cake decorations  Puccho (grape flavor)  Hello Pandoli (candy flavored soft drink)  surprise bag
content of the surprise bag they put together ♡
I'm a bit sad that I can't eat the seimen because I'm allergic to pork and I'm a bit scared to try the sugary soft drink but beside that there are so many amazing snacks, right in time for my semester break - wohoo! And how did you know that grape puccho are one of my favorites?

4. random load of cuteness

mini hot water bottle  another surprise bag  kyun to naki usagi no uta: shiropika mini plushie
content of the second surprise bag ♡

It's my thrid Lyle amiibo card but I couldn't care less because I love this otter boy so much. My favorite thing is the sparkly winged unicorn - dust plug. The pink bear lip balm smells like bubblegum.

As you can see well on the photo I uploaded on twitter, they sent me a polaroid of them and two really, really cute letters they wrote for me, too.

I'm still overwhelmed by the mass and variety of little extras and presents they prepared for me and I am honestly so happy. 
I got to know Alyssa and later Carole via instagram and twitter a couple of years ago and they are definitely two of the cutest people I know.
They radiate such a positivity and happiness that I can't stop smiling, just looking at the cute photo they sent me. They both are obsessed with games and anime (even more than I am, hahaha) and it's so much fun to see glimps of their shenanigans via SNS (oh, and did I mention that they are gorgeous?!). I hope that I will be able to meet them, if I ever get the chance to go to Paris. 
They used to have a blog too, but now only their youtube channel is active. They uploaded a lot of impressions of their first trip to Japan 2015 and I'm sure there will come more when their next trip approaches in May (I'm kind of jealous but also really happy for them). What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't miss to check out these two cuties' profiles. I'll link their twitter and youtube channel down here.

Thank you again, cuties. You are amazing and I'm really happy to know you  

t w i t t e r : @alyssamakinee and @cutiekome
y o u t u b e : Carole & Alyssa

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