9 February 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 10

It's time for the next part of my "my favorite things" challenge, revolving around one of my all time favorites: Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
It's already time to blow for half time, but I'll still try to encourage you to join in because I'm super curious about your favorite things and would love to share the excitement. You can find the overview by clicking here.

After talking about color, character, shape and whathaveyou the last couple of parts, we've finally reached the stage to ask about specific specimen - which will be content of the next couple of updates that wait in line, starting with 29 ~ 32 - which I roughly dubbed the cute and fluffy edition.

29 my favorite cat villagers

Rosie, Tangy and Ankha
Felicity, Kabuki and Lolly

30 my favorite dog villagers

Daisy and Goldie

31 my favorite rabbit villagers

Chrissy, Coco and Francine
Genji, Bunnie and Ruby

32 my favorite deer villagers

Bam, Beau and Bruce
Diana, Erik and Fauna

Actually there is not much else to say... I put my dreamies bold, but that's it. 
The site I usually picked the small sprites from went down, so I had to look around and luckily found another page that used Re:Hoess' images, from whose original page you can't hyperlink them.
Since I'll be using these sprites a lot for the coming parts I will link back to the page I took them from (which is here) and the original owner from now on, just in case (the original owner's page is all in Japanese but feel free to scroll around there as well!).

Who are your favorite cat/dog/rabbit/deer villagers?
Tell me in a comment below.

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