6 February 2016

heart shape tote bag ♡ review

I screwed up my blogging schedule this week again and couldn't bring up a post on Wednesday - sorry about that. This semester's lectures are in their last stage and I only have to manage the next week (and my Japanese written exam on Thursday) until my semester break finally starts. I'll have to write a termpaper and sort out a lot of other stuff but I still look forward to it.


Since I don't want to let you hanging without any posting this week, I decided to write a short little review about the transparent heart shape tote backpack from MoLa_MoLa that I got last October or November already (I'm painfully slow with these, as you see). I ordered it in September from their storenvy shop (click here), when I was in a small shopping mood.

photos from the shop ♡

I was originally looking for a new backpack to use for university, since my old was slowly getting in a state of unmaintainability. Sadly the ordered backpack turned out to be too small for all the things I carry around on a daily basis but I'm still quite happy with the purchase.

MoLa_MoLa ships internationally from Hong Kong and offers a large range of items.
As usually with small stores on storenvy or etsy I can't ensure where they get their items from or if the designs offered are their own propertiy. 

I'm usually a bit wary about ordering from stores online, because I heard of people stealing artist's designs and selling it as their own a lot. I don't say that MoLa_MoLa does that as well, but I want to emphasize that it is a problem you find often.
I even saw local retailers at conventions selling artist's fanarts as prints without their permission.
So my disclaimer; be aware of that fact and try to not let yourself be blinded by discount prizes.

Anyway, moving onto my order details:
I paid 15$ plus shipping to Germany, which was 25$ in total.
Looking back I'm not quite sure how I justified paying two-thirds of the product's price for postage and packing in front of myself...
I can't exactly comment on their customer service since I didn't really interacted with them on a personal level, only receiving the automatic emails for shipping confirmation and the like.
They have a quite good rating from what I've seen anyway.
As I mentioned above, the package arrived in October or November, which means a delivery time from 4~6 weeks, which is quite normal for deliveries coming from Asia (and considering the custom office situation here).

Eventhough I said it's not big enough to fit all my stuff for university and things like the big water bottle I take with me almost anywhere (it's important to drink lots of water and this way I don't forget - beside it's a pain to get something to drink on the go in Germany: expensive and inconvenient much!), I can lively imagine using it for trips where I don't have to carry so much, like when I'm on vacation (I think of Japan and Korea though I'm not actively planning any trips right now, you caught me red-handed). Beside that, it just looks too cute to resist and I really want to use it instead of just having it dangling around in my room like the last couple of months...

I guess I would go and order from MoLa_MoLa again, though I don't really have something specific in mind yet. Feel free to check out their shop and share your experiences with me, I'd love to hear about your experiences, since I don't get to use storenvy too often. How ironic; I really like to click through some of their shops a lot, anyway.

What do you think about bags with see-through parts?
Tell me in a commet below.

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