24 February 2016

Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel ♡ skincare review

I thought it was time for another review. I have a couple of things still lying around, that I want to do reviews on in the future but since I'm heading for the library to get work done for my term paper in a few, I decided to keep it simple and focus on another skincare product today.

It's one of the things I bought in Korea last summer and since it was almost autumn when we returned and winter isn't fully over either, I didn't have the chance to use it as frequent, because I believe that the product's good points will be at a peak once it gets warmer again.
But since winters are dry and quite harsh to your skin, too, I ended up using it from time to time, anyway.
The product I want to introduce to you today, is the Etude House Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel.

Since they always have some kind of SALE going on in the stores, I don't remember the price I paid anymore, but you can get it online for $12.40 (they actually have another sale going on on their page right now too. I'm not sure how long it will last though...). I got the big 300ml version, but they have a smaller 150ml bottle available, too.
It comes in a really pretty light green package. I really like the pastel colors and the light design, adored with these vine/bubble prints that almost look like fairy dust.

The Moistfull Aloe series concentrates on skincare with a really moisturizing effect, as you can already guess by its name. You can get creams, essences and the soothing gel in different sizes and versions (I actually have the 92% aloe jar waiting for another review as well).
The package reads:


Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel

Soothing gel containing enriched Baobab Tree extracts and Organic Aloe, supplies instant moisture to the skin with refeshing feel.
Indeed the gel leaves a really refreshing feeling on your skin, which is why I suggest it to be one of the go-to products in summer.
Its texture is thick and sticky - jelly and it leaves a cool feeling on the skin.
I read in reviews that it works wonder for sunburned skin and other irritations.
In fact the instructions suggest to use it on extremely dry skin and sensitive parts.
The dispenser head-piece makes it easy to measure the amount of gel you need, though I struggle with a lot of product whenever I try to press it down all the way to screw in the safety lock.

Since I have really sensitive, dry skin I was lucky to find a promising product like that...
I feel, however, that the soothing effect tends to not last as long and vanishes rather fast after the product is absorbed by the skin. Maybe my skin is just too needy...
Beside that, I don't like the sticky feeling that is left, once the product has dried/been absorbed, though I don't have a problem with the original gel-form of the product...
The instruction advises to put it on after washing your body/face (wherever you want to use the product) but I rather feel like washing myself again after using it because of the weird, sticky touch.
On irritations or burns however, it does wonders. I put it on when I burned my hand a couple of weeks ago and it actually helped the pain and was probably better for my wallet, than running cold water over it.

What I like about the product
  • fresh, cooling and soothing feeling
  • bottle design 
  • texture
  • fertility
What I don't like about the product
  • unconvenient safety lock system
  • sticky after effect

While I'm not a hundred percent sure, if I will reorder this product myself, I think that it's still not bad and worth a try. 
Different skintypes might react differently to the product's texture and maybe the stickiness I feel, feels like freshness for others.
I'm still happy that I bought this product because it does help to keep my skind hydrated and moisturized, though it's not an allrounder and I still need other products in my routine.
I'd really love to try their Moistfull Aloe Cream, but I'm not sure how long they'll keep it in stock... (I'm so broke right now, buhuu)

What kind of products to you use to keep your skin hydrated?
Tell me in a comment below.

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