21 February 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 11

It's time again, for part 11/20. 
As always I introduce my favorite things in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to you in different categories.
You can get an overview of the questions by clicking here.

After we've started into the different specimen of villagers last time, with the cute and fluffy edition, I'll continue with 33 ~ 37 - the farm edition today, again taking the pictures from a forest life - their original creator's blog is here.

33 my favorite horse villagers

Victoria, Papi, Savannah and Julian

34 my favorite pig villagers

Gala, Peggy and Pancetti

35 my favorite sheep villagers

Eunice, Muffy and Willow

36 my favorite cow/bull villagers

Tipper and Rodeo

37 my favorite goat villagers

Chevre and Nan

As you could see by the lack of bold names, none of these are dreamies for Faylea but Tipper, for example, was an original resident, when I started my town and I just feel like a lot of the pigs don't get as much appreciation as they should. They are really cute after all.
Who is your favorite horse/pig/cow/goat villager?
Tell me in a comment below.

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