19 February 2016

부산 ♡ Haeundae Beach

It's still cold outside and even though my lecture period is over, work for my term paper goes on and on while my motivation this week has gone on its own vacation without me.
Seeing that the last couple of days didn't feel really great for me and other issues decided to beat a path to my door, too - I just started to miss Korea a bit more than before and since it's been almost a month since I last posted anything regarding my last trip, it was definitely about time to carry on. 

So here we are with today's update (that should have been up yesterday), where I share some more details about our first afternoon/night in Busan last summer.
I talked about the general Busan-trip and a small overview here. You should go and re-check it since I will hyperlink the posting to day #2 there as well.

As I already explained in the overview posting, we arrived in Busan on the 31st of July and continued our journey to Gyeongju on the 2nd of August.
When we arrived in Busan it was already afternoon and since the bus terminal was far in the North of town, dusk already startet falling when we arrived at Haeundae Station and since this weekend two beach festivals were held the lockers at the station were jammed. We couldn't find a locker to put our shared travel bag into and ended up taking it with us down to the beach.

Haeundae Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of South Korea.
It's 1.5km long and 30~50m wide. It's opened from June 1 till September 10, twenty-four-seven.
The annual Busan International Film Festival is partly held there as well.
The Haeundae Station (해운대역) on Busan Metro Line 2,
is really close to the beach and you can easily walk there from it.

The beach was gorgeous and my camera did an amazing job. 
While it was getting darker and darker outside, the summer air finally cooling down I could have spent hours walking down the beach and along the waves. 
We didn't put off our shoes most of the time because my boyfriend was worried we'd step into sharp shells or shards (there are thousands of tourists at this beach - who knows), it turned into a sticky, scrunchy experience for our feet. Luckily we could find a place in front of one of these hotels that provided small devices to blow off the sand from your feet and shoes.

I would have loved to spend some more time at the beach but because of the festivale and two stages that were build there, the crowds wouldn't get smaller, it wasn't really relaxing to walk down the beach. Beside that, we still needed to travel to another corner of the town to get to our hosts' house, so after taking a handful of photos (just look at the moon, I'm kind of proud of these photos) we left the beach area again and started to look for something to eat.
We walked around the streets close to the beach for a while, before we finally found a Japanese restaurant that wasn't closed yet, to eat some dinner before we head to my boyfriend's uncle.
After arriving there, we were reuinited with his mom, who had traveled to Busan later that evening to spend the next day with us together.

Do you like beach strolls?
Tell me in a comment below.

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