20 March 2016

Let's play together! ♡ とびだせどうぶつの森

It took me ages to put this together and I hope that I didn't leave out anything important, when I share with you today, all the things you can do with the mulitplayer options in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Just like you could visit your friends town in Wild World all these years prior there is no way this feature would be missing in the next title of the main series. In fact the glut of possibilities to enjoy this game with or due to other players is immense and I will try to explain the basics of most of them today.

Let's start with the most obvious one - visiting other players' towns. Just like in Animal Crossing: Wild World, you can visit your friends town (this time you can't walk there from gate to gate but will take the train, which I think is much more realistic, if anything in the world of Animal Crossing has any concept of logic to begin with).
For that, you need to go to your town's train station and talk with Porter. Here you can choose wether you want to visit other towns, get visitors and if you want to use Wi-Fi or the Nintendo's infrared connection. Just keep in mind that you need to have your friend's Nintendo DS registered as a 'friend' in your Nintendo's system first.
Also, you have to prepare a thing in-game and get a photo taken of your character in the photo booth on mainstreet. 

Beside the general fun of showing each other around town, showing off your interior design (if that is your thing), fishing, going after insects or paint the town red on main street (you can shop, visit the museum and even go to Club LOL together), there is another new feature: the Island Tours!

On your fourth day of playing, you'll meet the old mayor: Tortimer, who will invite you over to visit his small Island where he decided to spend his evening of life on. Not only is this island a gold mine where you can get fruit, furniture and shrubs you can't get anywhere else and take with you to plant them in your town, you can also catch a lot of super rare fish and bugs there and make a lot of money.
The most fun, next to diving together with your friends are probably the Island Tours, a series of mini games that you can play together and earn coins, for which you then are able to buy the mentioned shrubs/pieces of furniture because it's pretty much the island's currency.

There are also occassions where the game will try to make you contact and play together with others. Not only can you adopt villagers from other towns, your villagers will occassionally come up to you and ask you to collect signatures for petitions - you can only get these signatures from another town, though, but if you go out of your way to do that favor, it will increase you level of friendship with said villager a ton and they will reward you in some way or another.

Another small person that will try to motivate you to think out of the box and get going  is always hungry for adventures, little kitten Katie.
She will randomly appear in your town and wander around. If you talk to her, she'll end up asking you to bring her to another town, so that she shall resume her adventures after having so much fun in your town already. If you bring her to another town, you will receive a special reward in the mail the next day and Katie will appear a couple of days later in the town you brought her to. She's pretty much like the nice and super adorable version of a chain letter.

The next thing I want to make some words about, is the HHA exhibition houses you can visit after becoming member of the Happy Home Academy. This part of the game works with your streetpass hits and beside the inspiration you might get from some of the houses, the players will give you rare items like balloons, ice cream and pin-wheels if you street-pass them multiple times.

Last but not least, we have the whole world of dream towns. Once you build the dream suite on main street you can either get a dream adress to show your town to other people, or visit other people's towns by entering their name or their dream adress. 

It's honestly one of the most fun things to do, but it can also be overwhelming and kind of frustrating because there are so many insanely beautiful towns out there and when you first started the game you might not realize how many hours of work and planning are behind this.
However, making Faylea a super nice dream town for other's to visit has been one of my main motivations to work and play this game so much. 
For me, the possibility to play with others together and show them your work has made me enjoy the game a lot more than I did before.

I love to play with my best friend s.a.m and his character Leevi (the brunet) 
is in love with my side-character Erim (shippers gonna ship)

What is your favorite Island Tour game?
Tell me in a comment below.

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