16 March 2016

Precious Mineral Any Cushion ♡ makeup review

I talked about this product in a lot of other postings regarding makeup and I thought it was about time to finally do the official review on it, so that the veil of secrecy doesn't need to be carried around any longer. 
After I've been rather wary of the cushion foundation trend that took flight last year already and hasn't quite died down yet, I tried it when I was right at the source, last summer in Korea.
What can I say? It turns out my wariness just made me waste time.
I am in love with my new foundation. In case you didn't pick it up from the title yet, I'm talking about Etude House's Precious Mineral Any Cushion in the shade 'light pearl aura'.

Before I go into detail about the product, let's share what is advertised on the package.

Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/PA+++
Light Pearl Aura
This flawless cushion foundation with Pearl Brightener creates pearly aura skin with its full coverage and glowing effects.
In fact the Pearl Aura versions seem to stand out from the other Any Cushion foundations.
They have extra spots with pearly/white foundation in their sponge to highlight and the shop assistant advised me to go with the Pearl Aura version because of my natural light complexion.
I don't know if there are any other differences in their formulation, though. Summer sale was going on but currently you can get a fresh new etui for 21.60$ online.

The product comes in a small box in a light peraly pink, the cute yet simple round etui itself has a pearly white color that makes it look really neat and clean.
If you need touch-ups they included a small mirror but I never really used it before because the foundation has proven to be quite resistant with only a whiff of setting powder as support.
The double bottom or double lid - depends how you want to call it - keeps the included sponge from being unnecessairly soaked in foundation and I feel like it keeps the product clean, too.
As visible on the pictures you have two different sponges. While the first one is obviously one to pat-apply the foundation (which works much better than I thought at first), the second on the bottom level of the etui is soaked in foundation and keeps you from wasting too much of the product (at least if you don't misuse them or press too hard).

I honestly fell in love with the product.
It's easy to use, the shade suits my skin tone and the coverage is great, while the product still feels light and fresh. Even the pearly aura they advertise with seems to work in some way or another.
I needed some time to get used to the patting though and it took me a bit longer than just rubbing my fingers across my face - the result now is a lot cleaner (not only because my fingers aren't full of the product but also the product on my face is spread more evenly) and after I got the hang of it, I got faster again, too.
I just wish the pack would last longer, because it is a real pain to reorder basic makeup like that from as far as Korea. I mean, I see that it is my own fault for only taking two packs with me from Korea.
Luckily I learned they sell refillers in their online-store which means I don't have to pay for a new etui everytime. The refillers cost 12$ each and you can find them here.

What I like about the product
  • good coverage
  • light/fresh feeling
  • pearly finish
  • lasts relatively long
  • easy and clean to apply (and re-apply)
  • refillers available
What I don't like about the product
  • only 25g per package

Obviously, I absolutely adore this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't found quite the right foundation for them yet. There are two different shades in the Pearl Aura sub-series and lots of other versions of the Any Cushion foundations available to try out.
I hope my refillers arrive soon, I'm about to wring out my current etui's cushion in the desperate attempt to get the last tiny bits of foundation out of it.

Have you tried cushion foundations yet?
Tell me in a comment below.

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