27 March 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 14

Here we go with the next part of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf challenge, where I talk about my favorite things of the game.
As always you can find an overview of the questionaire here.

Today's specimen category contains 7 different animal types, which means lots and lots of images - that I borrowed from A forest life - just like in the other parts before. The original owner's blog is here.
After I talked about farm animals, pets, small fluffy things and bears, we have the big category of birds right in front of us from question 43 ~ 48.

43 my favorite bird villagers

Jacques and Midge

44 my favorite ostrich villagers

Blanche, Cranston, Flora
Gladys and Phoebe

45 my favorite chicken villagers

Becky and Ken
46 my favorite duck villagers

Derwin and Molly

47 my favorite eagle villagers

Celia, Amelia, Apollo and Pierce

48 my favorite penguin villagers

Aurora, Gwen and Sprinkle

Fun fact: my favorite undercategories today are duck and penguin since these are two of my favorite animals, too. Beside that, I'm always surprised how many different speciment there are - even if you just talk about the feathered ones... The images got quite big again, but I fear there is no way around this if I don't plan to download every images and reupload it again - which I rather not because there's no cell inside my body that wants to violate copyright or anything in that matter.
Anyway, did I talk about your favorite animal specimen already?

Who is your favorite feathered villager?
Tell me in a comment below.

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