30 March 2016

a month in a nutshell ♡ 2016.03

Ever since my internship started I have been really busy but it's a nice feeling to get things done and I actually look forward to university starting soon, too.
I can't deny that I want to laze around a bit and just don't do anything, from time to time.
It's been only the first couple of hours since I didn't have to worry about my termpaper anymore since I handed it in yesterday.
If you want to phrase it like that, it means that my real vacation actually just started... 
There is noone else to blame for that though... and I guess it will be just fine.
My birthday is also coming up and I'm working on a few things, hoping to be more active in another of my favorite hobbies again soon.

Anyway, let's start the résumé for March, one day early because I'll just be working for my internship tomorrow morning till noon again, anyway.

Most of March was spent working on my termpaper and I didn't have a lot to take photos of for a longer time... however the last week got busier again.
My youngest brother, 6 years old, influence by me, got into Pokémon quite recently and started collecting Pokémon cards. His collection has exceeded 80 cards by now and I have to say that I'm quite jealous of some of his cards because their design is just super adorable.
At the same time I'm just too cheap to buy new cards for myself... they are much more expensive than within my recollection.

I ordered from Etude House but haven't heard of them yet. Also, I decided that I would do a recollection of what I blogged about - there isn't much personal stuff that happened eitherway and I don't have enough photos because I was lazing about a bit.
I put up two blog posts about my time in Korea last summer and reviewed my favorite cushion foundation. Check out my main updates this month here:

Of course I spent some free time playing Nintendo and working on my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I think the finish line is coming into view at the horizon by now...
After neglecting it for a while, I'll probably be back on instagram a bit more again, too - we'll see about this.

I look forward to a lot of stuff that will happen next month and I can't wait to share it all with you, hopefully with a little more detail and more to say than this time, anyway.
I feel like spring is finally just around the corner and it makes me super excited.

What was your March like?
Tell me in a comment below.

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