17 April 2016

catching spring ♡

Today, the annual cherry blossom festival in one of Berlin's parks, namely the "Gardens of the World" in Marzahn takes place. However, I couldn't attend because it's my dad's birthday and I still have a lot to prepare until university starts again tomorrow.

I'm kind of excited for it, even though it's already the 4th time I start into the summer semester.
I somehow managed to get into almost all of my classes (only had to look for one alternative and got something rather nice) but the perspective to have to work for internship and go to university parallel is still really scary to me, though I will probably be able to get both done well.

There was still no way, I would miss my chance to see cherry blossoms up close this year, so I went to the park ahead of time, last Thursday with my boyfriend to take some photos and enjoy the blossoms while they last. It was really good to come this day because it's been rainig the last couple of days, making the chances of seeing the trees still in bloom slimmer with every little shower.

I took a lot of photos, so many, that I am afraid I can't show them all. Especially because I wasn't the only one taking photos this time. I gave my phone to my boyfriend, so that he could take some photos too, which was a great opportunity to try out my new phone's camera and I just have to say that I am in love with it. But in the end, this means that we have even more photos to handle.
Maybe I will put up another update with more photos later, but for now this will have to do it.
I posted other photos on my tumblr just a few minutes ago and will put a couple of other photos up in individual posts, so if you want to see them all, you should keep an eye open for them the next couple of days/weeks.

this bench's location was super romantic. I'll share the real photo on tumblr soon, so follow me ♡

The 'Gardens of the World' is a huge park in East Berlin that includes a Japanese, Korean and Chinese garden, which I visit whenever I am there because I just love the compositions and motives you find there. Of course I have seen more authentic things when I was in Japan and Korea, but it still feels really nice to have these places a bit closer (it still takes me almost 2 h to get there from where I live currently), since they still have a certain charme that isn't too far away from what you'll find in the respective countries.

by the way, these are the shoes my boyfriend gave me as a birthday present ♡

A lot of the photos I share here today were taken by my boyfriend and I'm really happy that he accompanied and helped me. I really love the photos he took of me (well most of them anyway, he started to goof around and took close-ups of my nose at some point) and especially the photo of me taking a photo is one of my favorites.
If you are like me and can't get enough of spring blossoms, tell me in a comment below and I will bring up another photo heavy post with all the spring I could capture on my small trip last Thursday.

I will be on another cherry blossom festival next Sunday but I have to work there and am not sure if cherry blossoms will still be there to take photos of around this time anyway...

Any questions? 
Ask in a comment below.

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