13 April 2016

일기장에게 ♡ Korean notebook haul

I usually try not to talk too much about all the small obsessions I have and about all the little things I adore and can't keep my fingers off, but I can assure you, they are there.
One of these things is the unexplainable excitement that runs through my veins whenever I hold a new, empty notebook, diary or basically any other sort of cased paper to write on in my hands. I love the smell of freshly printed worksheets, newly bought books and new notebooks.
I also really, really like pens so in general, I'm in love with stationery. Especially when it's cute.
That being said, Korea turned into my personal goldmine (actually I mentioned that before in my sticker haul but whatever).
So, before I continue with photos about the day we spent in Gyeongju, I'll share all the notebooks with you, that I bought last summer, on the other side of the world.

First of, we have all the Stitch related things I've bought. There was a huge thing going on in Daiso when I was there and I just couldn't resist. Having been to Daiso in Japan and in Korea, I still have to say that Japanese shops were better organized and had a larger choice of cute things in my recollection...

Anyways, I got these two DIN A4 non-staple binders in a pack for 2000 KRW and two ring notebooks for 2000 KRW each. They are an in-between of DIN A4 and A5, the cover saying '174x258mm'.
I've been using the green one for notes in Japanese class last semester and it's pretty neat. The amount of usage is slowly showing but it's not bad for being on the cheap side.
I've actually fallen in love with lined paper again, after using only squared for almost all my highschool life and the first semesters in university, too.
Lastly, I bought another notebook one size smaller, which was 2000 KRW as well. I love how cute the pastel shades look and the motives are everything

The next two notebooks are from ARTBOX. They have a simple lined design inside but I'm a bit afraid to use them because they don't have a ring and I don't want to break the books' spines.
The flower patterns look super cute, though and will probably seduce me to use them anyway.
They were 1800 KRW each.

Before we move on to the next character print that always melts my heart, I want to share my personal favorite out of all these wonderful things: the Ardium STUDY PLANNER (for 6 months). I bought them in the stationery section of the big Kyobo book store at Gwanghwamun station. They were on the rather pricey side with 9800 KRW each but they are so worth it! They have a hard cover, ring spine and patterns to die for. I honestly regret so much that I didn't buy more than two because I feel like I want to use these as my everyday planners/diaries for the rest of my life. 
You have to-do-lists, monthly overviews, each month in weeks, extra space for notes, tables for exam scores, mock test plans and monthly reports with draw-in charts for self-evaluation. It's amazing and I feel so much more motivated whenever I look at all these things prepared for studious students, though I personally don't use half of these features. 

Last up, we have two notebooks I found in a Toys'R'Us store, when we were picking souvenirs for my little siblings and presents for the children of my boyfriend's childhood friend. It was more of an instinct buy (they were only 1000 KRW each) and I'm not sure when to use them yet but it's already mood-lifting to just have them sitting in my notebook shelve, looking cute.

Which is your favorite notebook?
Tell me in a comment below.

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