25 April 2016

cherry blossom capture ♡

After I've posted the first couple of impressions of my cherry blossom capture in my catching spring - post, I decided to share some more photos and impressions of the bloomage we had the chance to marvel at when we visited the Gardens of the World park two weeks ago.

I will only include the photos I took in the Japanese garden though. I went a little crazy and still have another 15 photos shortlisted but I don't know if I should include them in another posting, too.
Just because I can look at them without getting bored anytime soon, this doesn't have to apply to anyone else...

it's ironic how my boyfriend doesn't want me to take photos of him but still runs into them all the time...

I went to another cherry blossom festival yesterday, where I had to work for my internship and want to share a handful of photos, too.
University has been horribly busy this first week because of the extra seminar I had to attend for my gender and diversity class. I try to handle all the things surge like a wave right now and it should be fine sometime soon, however I just was too tired to upload this posting last night.
The cherry blossoms at this location weren't that overwhelming but I was pacified by the thought of all the beautiful photos I took in Marzahn before.

I was too hungry to take a photo before I digged in - avocado - cucumber - tuna maki ♡

Tell me in a comment below if you're still not tired of all the pink blossoms, and I'll gladly upload the rest of my shortlisted photos in a third part.

Did you visit Hanami or a spring festival this year?
Tell me in a comment below.

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