10 April 2016

Happy, happy Birthday girl ♡

I'm not sure how many of you actually noticed, but my birthday passed rather silently last week on Wednesday (APRIL 6), which means .... I'm twenty-two years old now!
LV 22 - man, I hope my speed stats increased... 

So in today's update I want to share some impressions of what's been going on last week...

I didn't have to go to my internship on that day, so I slept in, ate breakfast and cake with my parents, siblings, boyfriend and granny and simply enjoyed the free time.

raspberry cremecheese cake my granny makes every year especially for my birthday 
The actual celebration was Saturday evening (yesterday). We met up in front of a Korean Karaoke Bar in Berlin and spent a whopping 6 hours there! I honestly had such an amazing time! 
It's been literally weeks that I spent without seeing any of my friends - I was just too busy - so I was incredibly happy to see them all again (last summer was actually the last time I saw one of them & they drove all the way through Germany to be there for the party ).
My mom, dad and aunt tagged along, as well as one of my cousins and we had such a great time.

I was also happy to finally dress up again. I usually wear the same kind of stuff when heading to my internship and it was nice to go a bit overboard with fake lashes and jewelry again after ages.

Of course, I also want to share with you all the amazing presents I got (are you jealous yet?),
starting with the presents I received right on my actual birthday.

I thought about getting a new phone for a while now 
and then my parents surprised me with that. 
A Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge!
I still need some getting-used-to-it but 
it's such a nice phone with a great camera and a huge screen. 
So far, I'm really happy with it. 
Even before I received my parcel from Etude House
a huge package from Korea showed up at our door step. 
It was from my boyfriend's mother, who not only sent some necessary documents 
for his university application but apparently also emptied an innisfree shop and sent 
its stock as a birthday present for me. 
I got so many great skin care products from her, it's incredible.
I can't even decide which one I should try first... 
needless to say, some close-ups will follow right away.
not from innisfree but definitely worth the excitement - a small Samgak Kimbab (onigiri) maker!
innisfree wine peeling jelly softener & wine jelly sleeping pack
innisfree capsule recipe pack: jeju volcano & sea weed (5 of each of them)
as well as 40 sheets of roasted laver for my first selfmade samgak kimbab
innisfree green tea balancing special kit & green tea sleeping pack
innisfree jeju lava seawater dual kit
and of course; lots and lots and lots of samples & a cute book mark
This is what my little siblings (12 and 6 years old) bought for me from their pocket money.
They just know exactly what I want and I'm super excited about my first grab from the
3rd amiibo card series, that I got with the album. 
Just look at my little marshmallow squirrel, Marshal

You can guess that I was already on cloud 9 after all of that... but of course my party guests brought some presents for me, too.
sweets, some pocket money & a super adorable card from my aunt & cousins
a beautiful and hilarioulsy written card & a cute lavender hamster from my friend Sharon
Organic Rice Milk meets Cherry Blossoms series by  RITUALS from my friend Cat
B.A.P's Carnival, Strawberry Pocky, Rilakkuma paper clibs & to-do-list from my friend S.a.m

My dear friend Lil, that I've known from the first day of elementary school, brought me some sweets and a card, apologizing for her actual present not having arrived yet, but I ate all the sweets before preparing this posting... however, I will share it with you on twitter as soon as I get it. I'm really curious and excited what it could be.
My boyfriend bought me a new pair of shoes and one of the products that came in my Etude House parcel, but I forgot to take photos of these. You will eventually see me wearing them, though.
Again, I can't thank the people mentioned above enough for being the most amazing, loving and supportive group of friends I could ever wish for. I love each and every one of you to bits and pieces and I feel so blessed to have you around. You are the best! 

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