6 April 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 15

It's time again to ramble about my favorite things in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
As always an overview of the questionaire is available here, and the pictures of the villagers, taken to bring some color and fun into this update are borrowed from the blog "A forest life". Their original owner's blog is here.

In part 15 - only 5 parts from the end, we'll leave the pets behind and talk about the wild animals, that we definitely need to visit a zoo to see in real life, here in the European sphere. 
Part 14 includes question 49 ~ 54 - where we talk about every specimen between alligator and monkey.

49 my favorite alligator villagers

Drago and Gayle
50 my favorite rhino villagers

Merengue and Rhonda

51 my favorite hippo villager


52 my favorite elephant villagers

Opal and Tia

53 my favorite gorilla villager


54 my favorite monkey villagers

Monty, Nana and Shari

I was really surprised when I first saw a monkey villager in New Leaf, because I never got any of them in my old Wild World game, which was the only experiences in the Animal Crossing world, that I had when I first started playing New Leaf
Now monkeys are one of the cutest villager species for me and I actually thought about getting Nana as my last villager. She used to be on the list of candidates next to Lily, Flurry and Marina (who I got in the end) and would be the second monkey lady in Faylea, next to Shari who's been there ever since day no. 2.
Whose your favorite wild animal villager?
Tell me in a comment below.

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