3 April 2016

Instagram favorites ♡

I've seen one of my favorite fellow bloggers, y a p o r u, do that on her blog literally a year ago (almost) and ever since then I wanted to do something similar.

Since my phone is quite calm and doesn't act up lately, I started to use instagram a lot more again and it reclaimed its spot as one of my most frequently used apps. You will find me sneaking and scrolling around my timeline several times a day and I will try to be more active there again, too.
With 150 accounts that I follow (effective 2016-04-03), there should be enough worth to introduce, though the number is still negligible.

If I tried, I could probably sort them in roughly 10 categories (with a lot of overlaps, obviously):
  1. people I know personally
  2. bloggers
  3. Japan
  4. fashion inspirations
  5. (cute) people who post random cute/pretty/nerdy stuff
  6. shops
  7. K-POP idols
  8. youtubers
  9. artists
  10. people who don't really fit in any of the categories above but who I still follow
Starting today, I want to introduce a hand of them in no particular order because some of you might be looking for new people to check out or are just naturally curious about what is going on on my phone.

Mei is a super cute girl with a youtube channel that I just recently started following.
She's really creative and so much fun to watch. On instagram, I like to get inspired by her makeup and fashion choices and also the more 'ordinary' things she posts are beautiful.
She's a massive YuGiOh! fan and likes yaoi, which makes me feel even a tiny bit more connected to her.

Nicole Eevee Davis, is a young woman I literally only started following yesterday. She's into MMORPGs, Pokémon, Lord of the Rings and probably a lot more of the things you can imagine.
I watched two of her youtube videos so far and she seems lovely.
And honestly - I am obsessed with her hair.

Ein von Mischa (@mischamuffin) gepostetes Foto am

Last up for today, we have Mischa (it's coincidence that all of these are active on youtube, I swear)
She's one of my favortie youtubers when it comes to games and let's plays! She's a huge Nintendo fan and plays a lot of my favorite games to watch. However, this isn't too much visible on her instagram that seems more like your every-day peeks, but I love it. Beside, she's such a beautiful woman and absolutely lovely and humble from what I've learned in short interactions with her.

If you have instagram and want me to follow you or at least take a peek at what you're doing on there, feel free to comment your username below. If you want to recommend one or two of your favorite accounts on instagram, you can do that as well. I'm always up for new content to check out.

Who are your favorite people to follow on instagram?
Tell me in a comment below.

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