12 June 2016

Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water ♡ skincare review

It's been quite some time since I last did a review and since the products I want to review are literally piling up, I thought it was about time to hit you with one of my frequently used products today.

Though I really like Korean makeup and skincare products I can't afford to buy all my necessities online and being dependent of things that take more than a month to get here makes me kind of nervous.
This and the fact that I am annoyingly thrifty are reasons why there are a couple of products I am not ashamed of purchasing in local drug stores.
I'm sure there must be differences quality-wise but most of the products I've tried aren't half as bad.
Beside, most of the products available in drug stores these days are from some kind of brand, anyway.

Today's product is what I use to remove my makeup. 
It's the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleaning Water for dry and sensitive skin.
They have them in different versions, depending on the skin type you are, signified by the bottles' top and additional color-coded parts on the label.
Examples are hot pink for dry + sensitive skin (that's the one I'm talking about today), green for combination + sensitive skin or the new oil-infused cleansing water for water-proof makeup, that comes with a white cap.
With a price of 4.15€ for a 400ml bottle that is said to last for up to 200 uses it's on the reasonable side. Also, the bottle looks kind of cute.

I work with 2 cotton pads worth of it every night and it works just fine for basic makeup removal. 
My cleansing routine goes on after this and even though they brought out the new oil-infused special for waterproof makeup, this one is doing the job as well.
You just have to keep that soaked pad on your eyes a bit longer or use a second pad, like I do.

It doesn't foam when you rub it and it isn't as creamy and thick as my previous cleaning milk was, which I like a lot because it's simple and leaves a light, fresh feeling on the skin and doesn't sting on your skin or close to your eyes.

Though the package and their advertisment tell you, that you don't have to rub and can simply wipe off your makeup magically - I find myself unceremoniously rubbing off my eye makeup a lot - but maybe this just ends in a mess because I use persistent waterproof eyeliner.

What I like about the product

 fresh, soft feeling
 easy application
 400ml pack lasts long

What I don't like about the product
 big bottle can be inconvenient for travel
 rather weak against waterproof products

All in all I would totally recommend trying this series' products. Actually, I'm about to open my second bottle, since my old one is almost empty. I'm also kind of curious about the oil-infused version and if it puts up a better fight with my eyeliner... 

What is your personal tip when it comes to makeup removers?
Tell me in a comment below.

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