19 June 2016

my favorite things in AnimalCrossing ♡ 19

Here I am again, with the next to last update of this series. I'm almost done talking about one of my favorite games, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and my favorite things in it (though I could probably talk so much more about all the things that make this game so irresistable and exciting).
After I've gone through all the different villager specimen and kinds, one might get the impression the game is only about your neighbours.... and while that might be true in some contexts, there is a lot more to the game in the end and a lot of unanimated objects and things you can have a lot of fun with.
In this part of the Animal Crossing Challenge, I will talk about Q 63 ~ 66 (you can check out the full overview here).

63 my favorite tools

I guess almost all of them are useful and while I use the shovel the most, my two favorites are the watering can and the wet suit.
I really like that you are able to swim in the ocean now and catch fish diving like a pro. It's also fun to look for all the different designs. Actually, each of my playable characters has a different wet suit, fitting their style/personality.
The watering can is just so cute. I can't help but love to water flowers, though it takes a lot of time and I basically don't need to because of the Keep the Town Beautiful ordinance...

64 my favorite stationery

I'm not as diligent with writing letters in this game as I wish I was - which ironically applies the same to me in real life. I really like stationery and all these things but I rarely write letters to friends, though I really, really love to receive and prepare them, once I got myself into it.
My favorite stationery in this game (out of all the super adorable designs they have) are town view, lacy, airmail, goldfish, cloudy and fireworks paper (and the audio card with the cute frog that plays a melody - it's called Melody Paper.


65 my favorite fruits

Actually I like all the fruits you can find. It's amazing how many different fruit trees are available by now and the only thing that excites me more are fans' ideas to get bushes to bear fruits like berries, too. The only fruits I don't like as much as the others are Durian and Persimmons.
If I had to decide on a favorite native fruit, Apple, Cherry and Peach make it onto the shortlist, because I like their perfect versions the most.

source ♡
66 my favorite Island Tour

I talked about the Island Tours and all the fun stuff you can do there in one of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf - guides already. You can find the "Let's play together!" part here.
My personal favorites among all the mini games available are Hide-and-Seek and Scavenger Hunt.
The first is pretty self-explanatory, since it goes by the same rules as the hide-and-seek games your villagers will play in town with you occassionally. In the latter you'll get a list of furniture to find and a time limit to look through all the houses on the Island and bring them back to Tortimer, once you found all of the listed items.

In our last part, the next time, I will get into detail about another part of the game that I haven't really talked about yet - ever, actually. It's something that gets overseen quite easily because it's kind of omnipresent but still contributes a lot to the whole atmosphere of the game. Stay tuned!

Which is your favorite tool/fruit/Island mini game?
Tell me in a comment below.

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