29 June 2016

spring reminiscence ♡

After it's been 2 months and 4 days since I posted the follow-up of catching springcherry blossom capture, I thought it was about damn time to finally post the great finale of the impressions and flowerage I deeply breathed in and captured on camera last spring.

The photos will include shots from around the Chinese and the Korean Garden in the Gardens of the World park that we visited, with lots of cherry and magnolia blossoms.

For local followers or some who might happen to be around Berlin this weekend:
This Saturday (2nd of June) we'll hold a big summer festival. It's an annual event that takes place the 30th time this year!
Since I'm working for the German-Japanese society right now, you can bet the whole thing is centered around the land of the rising sun with Japanese food, martial arts performances, dance, small stalls and a lot more.
If you are interested in Japan, feel free to pay us a visit - you can most probably find me there as well. Chances are, I'll be really busy and not able to talk to you a lot - but please come and say Hi!
(The festival will start at 3pm; last part of the program ends at 8pm. Venue is the clubhouse of the Free University Berlin near Wannsee lake /subway station "Krumme Lanke")

Life is really hectic right now with exams approaching and my final big projects in the course of my internship. I will miss working there a lot, that's for sure but I also look forward to some well deserved summer vacation and time for my hobbies (like my blog that got abandoned quite heartlessly) as well.
Originally I wanted to put up the June nutshell already today, but I will postpone it till Sunday and hope I won't regret it. 
Hopefully I will actually be able to stand by my promise after that mega event on Saturday...

I hope you enjoyed this short spring reminiscence and 
are enjoying your summer / winter - depending on where you live - to the fullest!
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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